Saturday, November 24, 2012

Toufuya Ukai ♥ ♥


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Just beside the Tokyo Tower is a beautiful restaurant specializing in tofu.

The tofu at Toufuya Ukai is made with premium soybeans handpicked from Japan's finest crops and is made using the purest water of Hachioki, Japan's Evian.

It is the Rolls Royce of bean curd and should NEVER be compared to my favorite stinky tofu. LOL! :P

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Toufuya Ukai is located in Shiba Park and is surrounded with lush greens



IMG 7417

Main Entrance



IMG 7418




IMG 7420

Traditional Japanese Garb



IMG 7421

Japanese Garden



IMG 7425

Tofu-Making Exhibition



IMG 7426

Our Garden Room had a beautiful view of the immaculately manicured garden grounds



IMG 7430

We had the Matsu Lunch Course and this pretty Japanese lady
came in to explain each dish to us in perfect Nihongo. I thought
it was beautiful although I couldn't understand a thing. :P 



IMG 7432

Lotus Root Cake



IMG 7443

Deep Fried Tofu with Sweet Miso Sauce and Japanese Omelette



IMG 7439

This is how you eat your fried tofu. Lol!



IMG 7444

Assorted Sashimi



IMG 7446

Simmered Crab and Fried Tofu Ball



IMG 7451

Mushroom and Turnip Leaves, Shrimps Covered with Rice Crackers,
Salmon Roe and Japanese Pickles



IMG 7453

Next up was my favorite - a beautiful pot of tofu at its purest



IMG 7459

"Rolls Royce" Tofu in Seasoned Soy Milk. So simple yet so good!



IMG 7463

Spanish Mackerel Grilled with Yuzu



IMG 7466

Rice Cooked with Sweet Potato



IMG 7468

Sweet Adzuki Bean Soup



IMG 7470

I wasn't as blown away with the food as I was with the setting. But to enjoy a serene meal in an
oasis within one of the busiest cities in the world, made this experience very special for me



IMG 7471

 Next time I will come in my complete tofu get-up!


Toufuya Ukai: 4-4-13 Shiba-Koen, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan. Tel: +81 03-3436-1028

Toufuya Ukai Website

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