Saturday, November 24, 2012

Kyubey ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


IMG 7604

This is the place where gunkan-maki was born. You know, those wraparound style of sushi
that look like battleships. Yes, that was in 1941. 



IMG 7598

It's been 70 years now, but Kyubey, under the helm of Yosuke Imada, son of
the founder, remains one of the most prestigious sushi houses in Tokyo.



IMG 7602

The famous personalities who are Kyubey regulars.
I want to be part of this list, thank you! 



IMG 7683

The owner Yosuke "Mr. Kyubey" Imada himself and his apprentice who was like our
very own God Almighty that night. Lol. 




Oh how he teased and spoiled our senses all night long



IMG 7609

He placed these beautiful cuts of toro and hamachi in front of us



IMG 7611

And then served us this:



IMG 7624

Seaweed, radish and pickled ginger.
Hello??? Seriously??? Do we look like rabbits???


Just kidding!

Our sushi chef, he was so good to us. 

He served us only the finest, freshest bounty of the sea.

First, he presented us with 3 kinds of sashimi:


IMG 7616

Ohmygodtoro!!!  Also known as Otoro :)



IMG 7618




IMG 7622




Next came a series of nigiri:


IMG 7626




IMG 7630

Special white fish



IMG 7632




IMG 7644

(This is a gunkan-maki if you are still wondering) 



IMG 7646




IMG 7648




IMG 7649

They were still alive!!!



IMG 7653

I sucked the juices from their heads



IMG 7658

Odori Ebi or "Dancing Shrimp"
Dancing because the poor, yummy baby was still twitching when I put it in my mouth!
OMG! Can't get any fresher than this! 



IMG 7659




IMG 7663




IMG 7665




IMG 7667

Grilled shrimp head



IMG 7676

Anago with salt



IMG 7677

Anago with sauce



IMG 7691

Rolls: pickles, cucumber, tuna, squash 



IMG 7703




IMG 7706

I ordered extra slices of toro sashimi



IMG 7709

Kani Shinjo



IMG 7711




I was pretty full by the time I finished the last piece of radish.

But I knew I could still manage a piece of meat.

It was just very hard deciding which among these:







IMG 7697

Or this.


Ha ha ha. :P 


Kyubey: 7-6, Ginza 8-chrome, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan. Tel: +81 3 3571 6523

Kyubey Website

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