Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Fatterside in Boracay, Day 3



Fatterside Breakfast Club



IMG 5533

This morning I noticed I was starting to grow a triple chin (on my face and my tummy) from all the
pizzas and chips I had been eating, so I decided to limit breakfast to a smallish omelette,
one piece of longganisa, and one tiny piece of chicken adobo 



IMG 5531

What people didn't know was that this smallish omelette packed all these ingredients:
little ham, little mushrooms, some red bell peppers, chopped onions and loads and loads of
(gasp!) processed cheese



IMG 5534

Mangoes to balance the diet



IMG 5535

I was so relieved I was wearing something over my bikini when Sophie of Beautynomics and her
friends approached me at the breakfast table. I would die a million deaths if she saw the million
folds on my stomach… and back, and arms, and thighs! Hi Sophie and friends! :)




After breakfast we went to the other side of the island for my favorite water activity



424625 10151081622102293 1027524009 n





The 4 chunkier cousins got on one fish. The 5 normal-sized ones got on the other. 
This is the chunkier group. That girl on the right… that's not me!!!




We asked the flyfish manong to drive very, very fast.
We are suckers for speed and adrenaline rush!



375904 10151081623127293 1539344862 n





The skinnier ones hung on really tightly



429231 10151081622517293 641852862 n

They lost only a few people, and very few times




The chunkier group, on the other hand, spent more time in the water (and getting back up
on the fish - OMG, that took forever!) than on the flyfish itself




Archie and I. The last two standing.




And that's my brother. He almost died of fear.




Still full from gallons of saltwater consumption, we had a very light lunch at Ambassador Resort




Prawn and Lobster Bisque




Black Truffle Oil Mushroom Cappuccino



199449 10151081625102293 421236794 n

Cacciuco - a creamed mixture of prawns, fish and crab blended with tomato and brunoise
of vegetables. This was really delicious!




Black Truffle Oil Mushroom Risotto




Pinoyzza - fresh Filipino pandesal dough topped with cream cheese, marinated tuna,
shallots, salted egg, arugula




Four Cheese Pizza - blue cheese, brie, cheddar, mozzarella
Ambassador's pizzas were not bad, but I couldn't help comparing them to Two Seasons'
which were much, much better




Marble Cheesecake




Chocolate Ganache




Reminiscing about our flyfish adventures (and misadventures). YES, THAT HILARIOUS.




After lunch, I was once again forced by the younger cousins to perform an act of silliness.
They wanted me, jinlovestoeat, to form part of the letter "a" 



It took about 35 minutes to get everyone to agree, stand up, learn the letters, actually do the letters, and find a willing non-Fatterside to document our efforts.






I tell you, we were the free live entertainment of the whole Station One.

I retired to the cabanas (ate pizza) and left them to continue with their acts of extreme silliness.


539339 10151081626802293 676307165 n

Such as this



247824 10151081626872293 840598786 n

And this.


I thank God for digital cameras. If they didn't exist, my cousins would have finished one million three hundred sixty eight rolls of film.



IMG 5542

Dinner was at Hawaiian Barbecue



IMG 5543

Island Style Coco MacNut Shrimp - island shrimps coated in coconut and macadamia



IMG 5544

Crispy Calamari Aioli



IMG 5546

The Original Hawaiian Baby Back Ribs



IMG 5547

Boracay's Own - galunggong fried hot spicy and crispy




Sun-Ripened Mango Chicken Barbecue



IMG 5545

Red and white carbs




Fire is mesmerizing




No wonder people like to play with it




She (or He) danced with fire



IMG 2597

I am afraid of fire. I danced the hula. (Sorry for the arm sag, oops!)




Made a quick stop to Jonah's for our daily dose of sugar




Again, these naughty mustache boys spiked our shakes




Snacked on mooncakes back in the hotel room




Didn't want our last night in Boracay to end



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