Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Fatterside in Boracay, Day 4


Our last day was a bit hectic and stressful. 

We were supposed to leave the resort at noon to catch our 2:30pm flight to Manila.

The people who went on a jet ski trip didn't come back until 11:59:59.



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These are the people. Remember their faces.



And because yesterday's "BoracaY" was so successful, the cousins insisted that we do "Fatterside" before leaving the island. 



IMG 2598

By the way, this was what I had for breakfast



IMG 2599

And this. I love soggy cereal.




And so, at 12:01:02, here we go again








The Cast. Bow.




Then we rushed to the airport



IMG 5548

Boracay Airport has improved so much since the last time I was there



IMG 5551

The check-in areas are brighter and more spacious and even had LCD screens.
I just wish they would stop asking me to go on the scale and take record of my weight.
(Is there even a confidentiality policy over this???)



IMG 5550

There were wifi zone signs everywhere but I couldn't seem to connect



IMG 5552

Waiting to board




Dumplings, siomai, siopao, cuapao… Last hurrah!




Goodbye, Boracay! We're gonna go on a one-year diet and come back again!



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