Sunday, November 4, 2012

Fatterside in Boracay, Day 1


IMG 5389

Woke up really early to catch our 6am flight to Boracay. Don't be fooled by the happy smiles, 
we were sleepy and hungry and all zombied out. 




Almost there...




 By the time we arrived at the island 2.5 hours later, we were face to face with Death by Starvation.
We dropped our bags at the hotel and went out immediately in search for edibles.



IMG 2557

On the way, we saw this fun group of Hawaiian-wannabe Taiwanese tourists.
Watching them pose for the camera provided our much-needed morning entertainment. :D




Our first stop was Jonah's, where we bought healthy (?) and nutritious fruit milkshakes




Mango Melon lovers. With milk and 100% sugar. My #1 favorite at Jonah's.



IMG 5406

And then, we walked to Real Coffee for real food



IMG 5403

Real Coffee is famous for breakfast dishes and calamansi muffins



IMG 5408

My cousin Nikko gently harassed the staff to give us freshly baked ones



IMG 5410

This is one muffin that tastes real good when you're breathing Boracay air.
We brought some home and found that they taste just okay in Manila surroundings.



IMG 5413

Marty's Chicken Omelette



IMG 5414

Jack's Omelette



It was almost noon when we left Real Coffee so we figured we'll grab lunch even if we just finished breakfast. This is how the Fatterside rolls. :P



IMG 5417

Lunch was burgers galore at Bite Club



IMG 5418

And look who's here, too! Hello again, Hawaiian-wannabe Taiwanese tourists from this morning!



Each of us ordered a different burger but they all looked alike, so I stopped taking photos and started attacking after three.


IMG 5424

Burgerella with Blue Cheese Cream 
FYI, Burgerella is a ⅓ pound burger stuffed with mozzarella  



IMG 5425

 Burgerella with Wasabi Mayo and Teriyaki Sauce



IMG 5427

Bombarella with Chunky Mushroom and Cheese
FYI, Bombarella is a half pound burger stuffed with mozzarella




FYI, it was no challenge eating a burger as big and round as my face :P



IMG 5422

We had fries, too



75126 10151081605267293 1917351906 n

Frances, Me, Jr, Archie, Nikko, Benjie, Jamie. All certified gluttons.




And then we hit the beach and paraded our fats




To burn off some of the calories, we spent the afternoon playing with waves




The current was really strong and harsh. If the Fatterside oldies were here, we would all be in
BIG TROUBLE for putting our lives in grave danger :P




Once in a while, we had to stop and help each other put our trunks and bikinis back on, haha!




And then, back to eating (well, at least for me)



IMG 2570

Because, you know, Jin loves to eat :)



We fell asleep back at the hotel waiting for everyone to finish taking showers. Woke up at 9pm and headed out to dinner.



Gasthof. "Home of Boracay's Famous Baby Back Ribs" (tagline theirs)



And so, of course, we ordered ribs. Methought they were good but over-sauced.




Pig Knuckle was hard and dry. And tiny!



IMG 5466

Pork BBQ Liempo had more fat than meat



IMG 5472

Grilled Stuffed Squid



IMG 5469

Eggplant Ensalada



IMG 5463

Garlic Rice




After dinner we walked around D'Mall (I had FIC Nangkasuy ice cream) and we called it a night


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