Wednesday, November 28, 2012

BLT Steak, Revisited ♥ ♥


IMG 8114



AND FINALLY, I got to catch Ahia Emil in Hong Kong. As soon as I landed Chek Lap Kok, I got an invitation to lunch. I love you, Facebook!

I love you, too, Ahia Emil! Hehehe :)

After dropping off my bags at the hotel, I rushed to BLT Steak in Harbour City.

And all this was waiting for me:


IMG 8118

Unlimited appetizers and salads



IMG 8122

Prosciutto with melon, deviled eggs, etc. etc. etc. There was also a prime rib carving station.



IMG 8126




IMG 8124

My appetizer plate



IMG 8127

The carnivores ordered the USDA Hangar Steak with mustard-citrus mayonnaise
and three-minute egg. It was a perfect medium, tender, but could be more flavorful.
I should know, I stole 2 pieces from my neighbors's plate :P



IMG 8131

 The health buffs ordered Lemon Rosemary Chicken in herb jus



IMG 8141

And I had the BLT Burger, medium rare



IMG 8140

Hello, handsome!



IMG 8142

It was good, but not incredible. The patty was a bit crumbly, and the upper bun was too thick.



IMG 8145

I also had a serving of prime rib and ate it smothered with creamy shiitake mushroom



IMG 8147

The dessert buffet left a lot to be desired



IMG 8150

But still I took advantage. I need to eat sweets after every meal. Or else I'll die.



IMG 8137

Thank you, Ahia Emil and Dong! :)


See my previous BLT Steak post here.

BLT Steak: Shop G2, Ground Floor, Ocean Terminal, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong. Tel: +852 2730 3508

BLT Steak Website

BLT Steak Facebook Page

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