Monday, November 26, 2012

Marco Polo Gateway Hotel Hong Kong ♥ ♥

Check out the newly renovated Marco Polo Gateway.

So new that the hotel still smelled of paint when we checked in.

I have to admit though, I loved the simple and modern design.

IMG 8388
Hotel lobby

IMG 8098
Big and bold lighting fixture

IMG 8100
Pretty blooms in Jinlovestoeat color! :)

IMG 8104
More splashes of color by the wall

IMG 8103
The elevator system needs improvement. All the lights were on so you could never  
tell which door was going to open. Every time I needed to go up or down it felt like
the lifts were playing hide and seek with me.

IMG 8110
Continental Club Deluxe Room

IMG 8107
My cousin Frances and I slept like babies on the queen size beds

IMG 8106
Sitting area with welcome fruits

IMG 8111

IMG 8113
Toilet and tub. I found the bathtub too narrow (or maybe I'm just too wide haha)

IMG 8246
Our rooms included access to The Continental Club

IMG 8241
Where guests enjoy complimentary afternoon tea buffet

IMG 8240
There was a nice selection of sushi, antipasti, breads, salads, cheeses, and sweets

IMG 8244
Also a whole leg of jamon ready for carving

One afternoon we decided to have afternoon tea, which continued on to happy hour, which continued on to the cancellation of our roast goose dinner.

These plates were all mine, and I ate them in this exact order. :P

IMG 8247

IMG 8251

IMG 8371

IMG 8377

IMG 8387

IMG 8380

IMG 8383
We love the Continental Lounge and could stay here all weekend.

Our rooms also included breakfast, but we never woke up early enough! :P

Marco Polo Gateway Hong Kong: Harbour City, Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Tel: +852 2113 0888

Marco Polo Gateway Hong Kong Website

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