Sunday, November 11, 2012

Baby Yulo Cakes ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


What do you do when you order a Baby Yulo Cheesecake for your brother's fiancee's birthday and it comes out like this:


IMG 7353

Cheesecake. Uh oh.



IMG 7363

The Yulo staff who writes on cakes was on day-off so I took matters into my own hands.
With the help of my Bouillet Salted Caramel and Godiva Pearls, I created this beauty:



IMG 7357

For cake decorating lessons, please call 0917-JinIsNuts :P



IMG 7418

The cheesecake is very, very fluffy and cottony, half of it is actually cream. In case you don't know,
I LOVE CREAM!!! This cheesecake is so light that when you eat it, every spoonful just disappears
like magic in your mouth, and next thing you know, you've finished the whole slice… and then...
the whole cake




For Uncle Frank's birthday, I ordered a Turtle Pie



IMG 7698

I don't know what my brother did (or didn't do) to it, but by the time we got to dinner,
it became Turtle Pie Soup



IMG 7782

We scooped it into cups and drank it like really thick and chunky chocolate milk. It was so good!!!
I will order this again and eat half of it right away, and wait patiently for the other half to melt.



IMG 6210

For Achi Donna's birthday, I ordered my favorite Strawberry Shortcake



IMG 6265

We had it not completely thawed so it was like eating really good strawberry ice cream with
layers of fluffy sponge cake. It brought out so many happy feelings. It tasted like puppy love. :)



Baby Yulo: 19 Kalayaan Street, North Forbes, Makati. Tel: +632 810 8078, +632 812 4961


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