Sunday, November 11, 2012

TWG Tea ♥ ♥


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Coffee is my favorite drink, but I also love a good cup of tea.

So I was quite excited about TWG's opening in Manila. But Frances was even more excited than I.

For the first time in our lives as cousins, she arrived at a restaurant before me. (Whoa!!! :P)



IMG 7585

We love TWG merchandise!



IMG 7598

Had a grand time sniffing through and oohing and aahhing over all these beautiful canisters



IMG 7594

Pastry cart



We ordered a Gourmet Brunch Set and a Midsummer Brunch Set and shared equally all the nutrients and calories.



IMG 7603

Fresh watermelon juice for me, fresh apple juice for her



IMG 7604

Spotted: Starbucks. TWG doesn't charge corkage :P



IMG 7589

The tea selection is voluminous! Frances almost drowned reading through the menu.



IMG 7607

I had the T3013 Earl Grey Chocolate
"Rich and aromatic black tea accented with fresh notes of rare TWG Tea bergamot  
and pure dark chocolate which unite to create a marvelous and blissful blend.
An unforgettable tea for those special moments." 



IMG 7610

She had the T6051 Love Me Tea
"This engaging love potion of fine green tea is delicately enhanced by an armful of 
fragrant floral blossoms. A charming adventure for the senses." 



IMG 7618

Fresh farmhouse eggs scrambled with white truffle oil, served with smoked salmon
and a mixed salad with baby spinach shoots and marinated shrimps



IMG 7625

They were the most rubbery and saddest looking shrimps I've ever seen :(



IMG 7619

Warm rustic French style vegetarian quiche filled with seasonal vegetables and served with a light
cream sauce, accompanied by a garden salad tossed in 1837 Green Tea infused vinaigrette



IMG 7621

French brioche toasts served with whipped cream and delicious TWG Peach Jelly



IMG 7638

Chocolate muffins and scones were served warm and smelled heavenly,
but the muffins were dry as cardboard and the scones tasted of flour. :(



IMG 7642

The saving grace were these delicious tea jellies - Geisha Blossom and Red of Africa.
I ate these like broken jello, without the scones. Yummy.



IMG 7628

Singapore Surprise, TWG's signature pastry, was unfortunately, an unpleasant surprise. 
It was a sweet creme brûlée tart filled with sour strawberries and tasted a bit medicinal.



IMG 7631

Being matcha lovers, we were so excited about the Green Tea Mille-feuille



IMG 7632

That is, until the moment we tried to cut the beautiful thing in half.
My gosh, the puff pasty wouldn't budge! It was so hard and thick we had to peel off 
the top layer to prevent the pastry cream from oozing out on all sides. 



IMG 7635

Sadly, the next 2 layers were not any better.
Sorry mille-feuille, we didn't want to murder you like this, but we were left with no choice.



IMG 7613

We still love TWG and will come back again for the beautiful teas after having a fantastic meal


TWG Tea: Ground Level, Greenbelt 5, Legaspi Street, Legaspi Village, Makati. 

TWG Tea Facebook Page

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