Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Achi Donna's Lace and Pearls Party


IMG 6225



"Dear family, clad yourselves in lace and pearls and come celebrate with me as I turn 40 gracefully..."

That was her text invite to all of us. Yes, including the fattermen. Obviously, none of the males came in proper attire.

Achi Donna started planning her birthday dinner 3 months ago. How wonderful that her best friend Cindy is an amazing chef and caterer!

Look what magic Cindy created in the social hall at Montgomery Place.



IMG 6158

Table setup



IMG 6156

Cheese Platter - camembert, manchego, jamon serrano,
grapes, plum, dried figs, pretzels



IMG 6164

Soft Shell Crab Salad with Mango Dressing



IMG 6198

Pumpkin Soup



IMG 6190

Southern Beef Belly Barbecue - smokey and sweet melt-in-your-mouth goodness



IMG 6186

Seafood Pie - creamy, potatoey, my ultimate comfort food



IMG 6185

Braised Lamb Shank



IMG 6192

Pomodoro Pasta - everyone's favorite!



IMG 6176

Arroz con Pollo - this was HUGE!!!



IMG 6206

Jaine brought a Maki Platter




We also ordered 2 kinds of Pepita's Lechon - Jin Perez "German" and Jin Perez "Salted Egg"



IMG 6195

German Lechon is stuffed with roasted garlic, herbs and baby potatoes



IMG 6197

Pinoy Lechon is stuffed with salted egg and garlic rice



IMG 6168

Blueberry Cheesecake Shots



IMG 6170

Callebaut Chocolate Mousse



IMG 6220

Frances brought my favorite Nathaniel's Buko Pandan. Heaven in a plastic green tub!




The Bottles



IMG 6204

Happy Lemon!



IMG 6234

Birthday Cakes (clockwise from top left): Baby Yulo Strawberry Shortcake, Pacita Mocha Cake,
Becky's Kitchen Swiss Chocolate Cake, Estrel's Caramel Cake, my cousin Nikko's homemade
Pistachio Saffron Cheesecake on Honey Ginger Graham Crust = FTW!!!



IMG 6277

Wiped out!



IMG 6216

Birthday Giveaways: Donna's Salad Dressing and Donna's Choco Chip Walnut Cookies
(But we all know these are really Cindy's)



IMG 6218

Achi Donna, Mark, The Master Caterer & Chef Cindy, Jaine, and Ton



IMG 6280

Lacey and pearly gwama and aunties



IMG 6286

Lacey and pearly cousins and niece



IMG 6292

Lacey and pearly birthday celebrant 
Happy Happy Birthday, Achi Donna! :)


Cindy may not be your best friend, but she will happily help you with your party needs, too! She can cook a mean spread, make salad dressings and cookies and give you all the credit. Jaine raves about her callos, and I have a hot and steamy love affair with her mushroom truffle pasta. Call her at 09178499696, tell her I sent you. :)

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