Monday, October 8, 2012

Wafu ♥ ♥


IMG 5285


And so we found another reason for The Fatterside to get together and do what we do best (together and/or individually) - EAT!


IMG 5351

Famealy Matters is my sister's project with Monde Nissin. She worked her derriere off
for this and I am proud of her. We support my sister. And we support the advocacy.
The book is available at National Bookstore and Powerbooks. BUY. NOW. Hehehe :)


It is such a great campaign that President Aquino institutionalized it and declared every 4th Monday of September "Kainang Pamilya Mahalaga Day."

So last September 24, the whole family invaded Wafu.


IMG 5286

The cocoon seats are popular but we would never fit there



IMG 5288

So we reserved this area instead



I love the thick cuts of the sashimi.


IMG 5316




IMG 5317




IMG 5347




IMG 5310

Mifune, Hokkaido Roll, Mount Fuji Roll



IMG 5332

Kimi-San Roll



IMG 5343




IMG 5334

Tuna Carpaccio - truffle ponzu, arugula, parmigiano reggiano



IMG 5298

Gyoza - dashi, rayu, soy



IMG 5330

Agedashi Tofu - the skin was thick and the tofu tasteless even with the sauce. Fail. :(



IMG 5297

Ebi Tempura



IMG 5313




IMG 5340

Ika-Yaki - grilled squid, caramelized apples, apple yuzu vinaigrette



IMG 5319

Chicken Teriyaki



IMG 5324

BBQ Miso Cod



IMG 5328

Assorted Tempura



IMG 5329

Chicken Ramen 



When you go, you must order my favorites...


IMG 5301

Scallops on Shell - with Wafu's dynamite sauce



IMG 5296

Angus Skirt - barely charred with Wafu's sesame sauce,
mixed Japanese mushrooms, crispy onions



IMG 5299

Angus Striploin - perfectly grilled with warishita, chimichurri, furikake butter, 
sautéed baby watercress, marble potato chips 



IMG 5303

Tempura Shortribs - deep fried in a wasabi crust, edamame paste, pommery cream sauce



IMG 5305

Unagi Rice



IMG 5337

Wafu Kitkat - this was pretty light on the chocolate and didn't satisfy my cravings



But no worries because we came prepared! 


IMG 5352

Peninsula chocolates



IMG 5354

Peninsula chocolate mooncakes



IMG 5349

Fatterside Famealy Night



Wafu: Greenhills Shopping Arcade, San Juan, Philippines. Tel: +632 570-3242, +639424532753

Wafu Facebook Page

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