Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Agrilink, Foodlink, Aqualink Fair 2012


Went with the folks to the Agriculture Fair at the World Trade Center last Friday.


IMG 5615

So many things to see outdoors. Thank goodness the weather was cooperative.



IMG 5606

Herbs and spices



IMG 5607

Fruit tree seedlings



IMG 5612

Tropical fruits


IMG 5603

Where there's fruits, there's Mom



IMG 5616

And where there's food, there's me



IMG 5617

I need a miracle



IMG 5625

Funky looking chickens



IMG 5630

These can pass as puppies!



IMG 5627

Hello Turkey, you're gonna be my Thanksgiving dinner



IMG 5631

Deep fried seafoods



IMG 5634

Farming tools



IMG 5637

Organic greens



IMG 5610

Baby pigs



IMG 5641

Grown up pigs



IMG 5724

Hi goat, I love your milk



IMG 5661

Inside the exhibition hall were more display of plants



IMG 5663

Pamora Farms chicken products



IMG 5645

Fresh goat's milk



IMG 5669

MokkiLato Gelato



IMG 5666

Uncle Harry bought me a scoop of the hazelnut flavor



IMG 5671

Love that it's not too sweet and has real nuts in it



IMG 5708

I swear, half of Metro Manila was in the food section



IMG 5673

Durian, the king



IMG 5678

Sesame mochi buns, fresh off the oven



IMG 5686

QQ Doghnuts



IMG 5690

Did you know dragon fruits grow on these?



IMG 5688




IMG 5692

Bee propolis products



IMG 5700

Pugon baked bibingka galapon



IMG 5714

Colorful fruits and veggies



IMG 5717




IMG 5718

Garlic baskets



IMG 5704

And she (Mrs. Po of Polland, is that you?) is the most hardworking woman in the Philippines.
I see and hear her in every bazaar, every trade fair. I always buy her kuchay-ah.



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