Monday, October 8, 2012

Saint Paul de Vence ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


I had the whole afternoon free and most of Nice covered and I refuse to spend my last day in southern France inside a Galleries Lafayette, so I hopped on the 400 bus and took the 1 hour ride west to Saint Paul de Vence. 

Perched on a narrow spur between two deep valleys, Saint Paul is one of the oldest and most beautiful medieval fortified village. 


IMG 0338



I wandered the maze of narrow, charming streets full of modern art galleries (and tourists!), cobblestone steps, pocket gardens, picturesque little squares, antique fountains, rustic doors and porches while taking in the wonderful views of Cote d'Azur, the hills and the Mediterranean sea.

The beauty of it all left me breathless.


IMG 0345


IMG 0351


IMG 0355


IMG 0353


IMG 0449


IMG 0356


IMG 0368


IMG 0361


IMG 0370


IMG 0372


IMG 0378


IMG 0379


IMG 0381


IMG 0384


IMG 0385


IMG 0388


IMG 0394


IMG 0397


IMG 0399


IMG 0405


IMG 0409


IMG 0416


IMG 0458


IMG 0419



Saint Paul de Vence is just too romantic.


IMG 0393

It is the perfect place to fall in love



IMG 0435

And this shop was where it happened for me



IMG 0434

Dear peach gelato, I love you



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