Sunday, October 7, 2012

Le Bistrot Des Viviers ♥ ♥

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Having taken in too much of the ocean scene the last two days, somewhere inside my tummy suddenly sprouted a craving for seafood in soup.

I researched for the best bouillabaisse in Nice, and my friends at Chowhound led me to Bistrot des Viviers.

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The bistro has a warm and cozy dining room

IMG 0285
But I opted to dine al fresco because the weather was beautiful

IMG 0294
Croutons with spicy garlicky rouille. So addicting I devoured half even before the
main event arrived.

IMG 0314
And there it is… Bouillabaisse des Viviers

IMG 0315
Hello there, little creatures of the sea!

The waiter told me there were about 5 kinds of fish in the stew + prawns + clams + snails + baby crabs + mussels + potatoes + tomatoes.

I didn't care much for the seafood. Took little bites of each and pushed them all to one side so I could enjoy the soup without obstruction.

Although the broth was thick and rich in flavor, somehow I was left not all that impressed.
I must say it was still quite an enjoyable meal.

Sometimes it's not just about the food. It's also about the people and feelings that surround you.
And at that moment I was surrounded by sunshine, beautiful smiles, happy people… and overwhelming love.

IMG 0298

IMG 0299

IMG 0307

IMG 0317
 Suddenly everything tasted more delicious

IMG 0319
Capped off with double espresso and a bite of sweet,
a meal can't be more pleasant than this. :)

Le Bistrot Des Viviers: 22 Rue Alphonse Karr 06000, Nice, France. Tel: +33 (0)4 93 16 00 48

Le Bistrot Des Viviers Website

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