Monday, October 8, 2012

Aphrodite ♥ ♥


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Until now I still don't know how to properly describe my experience at Aphrodite.

It felt so fanciful, random and bizarre, like I was in a circus.

The preparation and presentation were innovative and at the same time whimsical, which provided much amusement and entertainment to all the senses.

I just wish the food tasted more special to match all the theatrics.



IMG 0539

There's a nice outdoor area filled with greeneries



IMG 0506

But tonight I just wanted my own private space



I ordered the Revolution menu so I could try more dishes from this one Michelin star restaurant by Chef David Faure.


IMG 0478

The "Harry Potter" welcome cocktail is champagne served with dry ice.
Sip it with a vanilla stick straw.


IMG 0480

Faux Oyster was actually a slice of aubergine with kiwi underneath. I was instructed to eat this first
to get the texture of oyster. (That little "pearl" is a lemon ball!) Next up was the bread and butter
topped with oyster leaf for the taste of oyster. Finished the course with a very light fish mousse
filled with the delicate taste of the sea.



IMG 0482

And then, the dragon show!



IMG 0484

The waiter mixed some foam into the nitrogen bucket to create a "meringue"...



IMG 0486

…which he put on top of the "pissaladiere," a local Nice specialty made
with onions and anchovy.



IMG 0485

He demonstrated the right way to eat this with smoke billowing out of his nose.
"See? The dragon," pointing to himself. He then proceeded to make one for me 
and laughed and complimented me while puffy white smoke came out
of my nose and mouth. "You're a beautiful dragon, Miss!"
This dinner was starting to get really amusing. 



IMG 0487

Macaroni and Cheese. But there was no macaroni, just tomato tubes with burrata cheese, basil,
pesto, black vinegar and tomato crisp. 



IMG 0492

Bread that is not bread



IMG 0493

Domaine Magellan Le Fruit Defendu 2011



IMG 0495

Daube spheres with crunchy carrots. As soon as my teeth sank into the jelly, its thin skin ripped
and intense beef and red wine flavors exploded in my mouth. I stopped at one.



IMG 0497

Textures and Temperatures. Mussel ravioli 70 degrees. Chorizo ice cream -20 degrees. 
Served with a rich and creamy bourride jus. 



IMG 0500

The next dish arrived covered in this LED fishbowl



IMG 0501

He waved the bowl in front of my face so I could inhale all the woody smokey aroma to prepare
my senses for what was to come



IMG 0503

Iberico Pata Negra with grilled asparagus



IMG 0508

I never had pork this bloody but this was so perfect it tasted almost like beef



IMG 0511

Fourme d'Amberta cheese ice cream with arugula salad and bread



IMG 0514

And then, another nitrogen magic show



IMG 0516

Pour the liquid nitrogen into the peach juice



IMG 0520

Mix frantically



IMG 0521




IMG 0523

Smooth and creamy peach sorbet. Yum.



IMG 0524

And then Chef David Faure himself came to the table with his pretty wife to make me a… 
drumroll, please! 



IMG 0526

Fried egg!!!



IMG 0529

Egg white is coconut panna cotta, yolk is mango sauce, black pepper is vanilla from Madagascar



IMG 0531

Sadly, it looked more exciting that it tasted



IMG 0532

Deconstructionism: Faux Caviar or Irish Coffee?



IMG 0537

Blini topped with spiked cream and coffee "caviar" = Irish Coffee



IMG 0541

Sweets: White choco ball with pop candy, wasabi chocolate,
fruit jelly without fruit flavored gingerbread, strawberry balsamic cone,
limoncello spoon



IMG 0545

The wasabi chocolate (that didn't taste like wasabi, by the way) came with this raspberry paste
in tube so you could squeeze and eat as much as you like



IMG 0546

After 4 hours, the bill arrived tied to this pink balloon, which the waiter unknotted 
and passed to me, instructing me to inhale all the helium then speak to him.



IMG 0547

And I did.
"Beautiful Daisy Duck," he said, chuckling as he walked away.


Aphrodite: 10 boulevard Dubouchage 06000, Nice, France. Tel: +33 (0)4 93 85 63 53

Aphrodite Website

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