Sunday, October 28, 2012

Made in Candy


There is a new attraction in Rockwell.


IMG 6610

I've never seen so many people since Michael Jackson's concert!



IMG 6617

This fashionable candy shop draws in not only little children but big kiddos at heart



Made in Candy, a Singapore franchise, is brought in by a friend of a friend, Arthur, and his partner Darlene.

Because he is a friend of a friend, I was expecting Arthur to be really nice and offer me some major candies to eat.


IMG 6823

So I excitedly grabbed this warm, soft and heavy chunk of freshly made candy...



But NO, he put me to work right away. Pfffftttt.


IMG 6820

This is today's candy project



IMG 6815

First, you mold the letters, one at a time



IMG 6821

Until you complete the whole word. Serranilla.



IMG 6824

Then you work on the heart (please be gentle with it)



IMG 6835

And then the final assembly



IMG 6838

You roll-knead-pull and roll-knead-pull. Repeat and repeat again.



IMG 6839

Then you lift the 6-kilo baby and...



IMG 6840

Form a bottleneck



IMG 6843

Ask your candyman buddy to start pulling from the other end



IMG 6842

Stretching the sugary thing into a thin sexy rope before letting it cool and
cutting it into shorter sticks



IMG 6851

Now it's my turn to do the easy part.
Arthur the Slave Driver teaches me how to make a lollipop!



IMG 6861

First, you roll



IMG 6862

Then you make a sharp curve on one end



IMG 6863

Wind the candy gently into a coil



IMG 6864

Poke it with a chopstick, make sure it's secure



IMG 6859

Smoothen out the edges or create dents to form whatever shape you fancy



IMG 6865

Ta-Da! The shape of my heart, and the shape of my face. :)



IMG 6868

Arthur the Slave Driver also puts my knife skills to use by making me cut candies.
It's actually quite therapeutic. I can do this all day (while occasionally sneaking
a few pieces into my mouth) 



IMG 6848

Finished product. Isn't it amazing?



IMG 6628

There are 38 different flavors and designs to choose from. Each uses all natural ingredients, too!


You can also have them make the candies in your own design. Your own name, logo, telephone number, crush's initials, favorite flower... made in candy! 



IMG 6828

"Longevity" in Chinese. My gwama will love eating this!



IMG 6829

Keds, Paul loves Melay, "J"



IMG 6826

Jinggoy Estrada is also a customer



IMG 6831

Halloween treats



IMG 6816

Some of the Christmas designs available soon



IMG 6819

Congratulations, Darlene and Arthur! :)
(Just kidding about the slave-driving tendencies, they're really nice people)



Made in Candy: Level 2, Power Plant Mall, Rockwell Drive, Makati, Philippines

Made in Candy Facebook Page



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