Sunday, October 28, 2012

Impressions ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


IMG 6877

I was a bit worried about how beautiful and elegant Impressions is, wasn't sure if it could handle
The Fatterside. We are such a rowdy and noisy bunch and, trust me, Chef Cyrille knows  :P



IMG 6884

I was so relieved when I saw the containers of crayons.
Suddenly the place seemed fun and spontaneous.



IMG 6889

These breads were sooooo sooooo good. Everyone ate more than he should.




Frances, our birthday celebrant, arranged for 2 different menus -
Set Menu 1 for the pescetarians and Set Menu 2 for the carnivores. Being the smart people
that we are, Frances and I ordered different sets, shared everything so we could have them all :P



IMG 6893

Cheese Platter



IMG 6896

Cold Cuts Platter



IMG 6902

Amuse bouche of herbed cream cheese and toast



IMG 6919

Baked oysters with mushrooms and gratinated parmesan



IMG 6906

Duo of salmon "demi deuil" - marinated salmon in truffle sauce, smoked salmon with herring caviar,
and mashed green pea hummus 



IMG 6908

Pan fried scallop salad with citrus dressing and crispy smoked ham



IMG 6922

Crab bisque with assorted vegetable and crab dumpling



IMG 6925

Porcini cream soup with duck liver flan, truffle cappuccino and crispy chestnut



IMG 6930

Roasted seabass, truffled mashed potato wrapped in crispy lard and creamy truffle sauce



IMG 6932

Lamb fillet coated with bread crumbs, confit of lamb shoulder,
and cannelloni of anchovy and goat cheese with black garlic



IMG 6949

Guess who had the most fun with the crayons? The Oldies!!! Tsk. *rolls eyes*



IMG 6950

Our table was spic and span except for this tagline Felisse created for us three.
Nikko, Me and The Birthday Celebrant, Best Before 12.31.12. Hahaha!



IMG 6888

The bottles



IMG 6918

Look at what the very artistic Chiang siblings made for Frances. 
Francessy XO complete with her picture. Inside is a bottle of Nikko's homemade limoncello.
How brilliant is that?! :) 



IMG 6927

Godiva birthday giveaways



IMG 6969

Frances and her birthday cakes (clockwise from top left): Sweet Life by Ange Red Velvet Cake,
Goldilocks Mocha Cake, Gourmet Finds Coconut Mousse Cake, Nikko's Green Tea Cheesecake,
Pia y Damaso Dayap Cheesecake, Gourmandise Patisserie Matcha Yuzu Opera Cake



IMG 6999

The Fatterside came in Frances' required dress code - nude color or your birthday suit



IMG 7002

She came in half and half. OOH LA LA!!! ;)



IMG 7004

After dinner, the young ones continued the celebration at Opus 



IMG 7011

Happy Happy Birthday, Frances! May your one wish finally come true na! :)



Impressions: 3rd Floor, Maxims Tower, Resorts World Manila, Newport Boulevard, Pasay. Tel: +632 908-8888

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