Friday, October 26, 2012

Le Bouchon des Filles ♥ ♥


IMG 1317


I didn't think there was anything that could top my first ever bouchon experience.

And guess what. I was right.

(I always am. Ha!)


IMG 1283

After a hearty lunch at Le Garet, I tried another bouchon for dinner.
Le Bouchon des Filles is run by two handsome-looking ladies.



IMG 1316

Lady 1 works in the kitchen



IMG 1304

Lady 2 runs around the dining room



IMG 1303

So don't expect service to be 5-star, it can get pretty challenging as the place is always
 packed with hungry peoples


IMG 1279

Shortly after I was seated, Lady 2 presented me with a little amuse - two slices of sausage
dotted with cheese



IMG 1286

Crusty bread and wine



IMG 1289

And then, a parade of appetizers - my favorite part of the meal!
Everything was so good it was an injustice to confine them all in one group shot so...



IMG 1290

Beetroot salad with smoked herring



IMG 1292

Lentil salad with whole grain mustard and cardamom



IMG 1294

Chicken liver salad with raspberry vinaigrette



IMG 1297

Next came a shot of gazpacho



By this time I had already stuffed myself to the brim with all the delicious appetizers so I thought I'd order something light for my entree.


IMG 1299

I got one of Lyon's more popular and less adventurous specialties,
the quenelle de brochet or pike dumpling



IMG 1302

It was like a fish ball, but oblong in shape. Kinda felt like eating fish-flavored pudding. 
I loved the crayfish and shellfish sauce more than the dumpling itself, but don't let
me stop you, other people live for this thing. I'm just not a lover of savory flavors
in moussey textures. I wish I ordered the veal kidneys instead.



IMG 1306

Human dumpling eating fish dumpling. Feels good to be on top of the food chain.



IMG 1312

Next came a small bowl of cervelle de canut, a soft white cheese beaten with garlic, herbs
and shallots. It was thick, creamy, lumpy and tangy.



IMG 1314

Dessert was molten chocolate cake with strawberry ice cream. It was too safe, nothing exciting.



Le Bouchon des Filles: 20 Rue de Sergent Blandin, 69001, Lyon, France. Tel: +33 (0)4 78 30 40 44

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