Saturday, October 13, 2012

Around Vieux Lyon


IMG 0611

From my hotel in Place Bellecour, you just cross the Saone River and… Ta-da! You're in Vieux Lyon!



Vieux Lyon is the oldest district in the city, boasting well-worn cobblestone steps, beautifully preserved buildings, cathedrals, basilicas, bouchons, bouchons, and bouchons.

It is one of Europe's most extensive Renaissance neighborhoods and is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.



IMG 0631

Basilique Notre Dame de Fourviere



IMG 0681

I have a major crush on purple doors



IMG 0693

And outdoor cafes with purple accents



IMG 0692

Map of Lyon on the floor



IMG 0695

Rental bikes. First 30 minutes is free, but I like walking.



IMG 0696

People watching



IMG 0705

Herbal medicine shop



IMG 0778

Cathedral Saint Jean Baptiste de Lyon



IMG 0711

Gargoyles to ward off evil spirits



IMG 0721

Cute menu board



IMG 0722




IMG 0732

Sweet and nutty tarte aux praline



IMG 0736

That's me as a human



IMG 0729

And that's me as a pastry



Lyon has 2,000 restaurants with a total of 31 Michelin stars at last count. Not kidding when I say there was food everywhere!


IMG 0743


IMG 0744


IMG 0748


IMG 0750


IMG 0753


IMG 0752


IMG 0754


IMG 0755


IMG 0757


IMG 0759


IMG 0770


IMG 0773


IMG 0769

Couldn't resist. Had two scoops of gelato right before dinner :)

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