Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Around Monaco


Did you know that Monaco is the second smallest and most densely populated country in the world?

The state has no income tax and low business taxes, boasts the world's highest GDP nomina per capita at $172,676, has the world's lowest unemployment rate at 0%, and the world's highest life expectancy at 90 years (94 for females!). Source.

The weather is mild, the people friendly and relaxed, the scenery breathtaking... 



IMG 9825


IMG 9837


IMG 9842


IMG 9843


IMG 9848


IMG 9904


IMG 9980


IMG 9999 

]IMG 0016



The people of Monaco get around in style in these handsome modes of transportation...


IMG 1348

Handsome yachts



IMG 9858

Handsome cars



IMG 9991

While I get around on foot



IMG 9994

And in this handsome choo-choo train



IMG 0013

Prince's Palace of Monaco



IMG 0014

Looks quiet but it is a fully working palace. Prince Albert II actually lives and works here.
Took this one shot before I saw the "No Photography" sign, hehe.



IMG 9995

Statue of Prince Albert



IMG 0001

Statue of Francois Grimaldi



IMG 0004

Grimaldi Fortress



IMG 9987

I cannot get over how blue the sky is



IMG 9986

 And how blue the water is



IMG 0021

So peaceful and serene I can stay here forever



IMG 0025




IMG 0029

Monaco Cathedral



IMG 0031

Monaco Train Station

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