Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Guo Ba Shabu-Shabu 鍋爸涮涮鍋 ♥ ♥



My cousin Cherry loves to eat all you can, and whenever I am in Taipei, she will bring me to all these pay-x-amount-and-pig-out-all-day-all-night places so we can stuff ourselves silly.

Tonight she brings me to Guo Ba Shabu-Shabu where you pay NT$399/head and get to binge on all these yummies:


Vegetables, fresh fish paste, fish jaw, razor clams, fish belly, scallops…


Chicken thighs, frog legs, whitebait, mussels, and many other fishies…


Squid, fish maw, clams, octopus, shrimps, quail eggs


Fresh tofu, fried tofu, fish balls, fish sticks, dumplings, taro, kikiam, crabsticks, mochi balls…


Corn, different types of mushrooms, mushroom balls, lobster balls, crab balls, 
vegetable dumplings, taro cakes, shrimp dumplings, cuttlefish dumplings…




More vegetables


Noodles and bicho-bicho


Sauces, spices, seasonings






First, I make my mean shabu-shabu dipping sauce


Then I order my meats – fatty beef and lamb


My side dishes


My mozzarella balls. They’re so good they deserve their own plate.


My veggies


My lo-ma rice


I love fresh passion fruit!


Cherry, Ninang Ann Marie, Me and Kathy


Guo Ba Shabu-Shabu 鍋爸涮涮鍋: 台北市長春路382號. No. 382 Chang Chun Road, Taipei, Taiwan. Tel: +8862-2545-2588

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