Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Guang Da Cheng 廣大成 ♥ ♥ ♥


One must not leave Taipei without trying and buying everything from this tiny dried meat shop.


They have all sorts of peanuts – plain, flavored and covered in seeds


Crispy Iberico pork paper, Iberico pork floss, pork floss with seaweed and sesame…


Fish floss, fish strands, fish flakes, fish etc, etc…


They also have dried pork, dried beef, and can even cook a mean Zheng Jiang chicken!


What makes this shop special is they make their pork floss fresh daily (in an open space
on the side of the street but I really don’t care). My cousin Frances and I live for this stuff.


My favorite is the seaweed-sesame pork floss which they mix manually


Pour all the ingredients in a tub




And mix some more


Then scoop into resealable bags


Ta-da! Our pasalubong stash.


With Ms. Chen, the shop owner


Ok, ok, ok. Those are really pasalubong for ourselves. Secret telling smile


廣大成 Guang Da Cheng: 台北市中山區林森北路492號. No. 492 Lin Sen North Road, Zhong Shan District, Taipei, Taiwan. Tel: +8862-2511-2997, +8862-2526-8186

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