Thursday, December 8, 2011

Cup Torre 可東義式甜筒披薩 ♥ ♥


It’s lunch time and we want something fast and easy.




You guessed it.

It’s pizza in a cone.

Like eating ice cream only this one’s hot, savory, chewy and cheesy.


Cherry orders the 義大利麵披薩 香醇雞肉 Italian Pasta with Smoked Chicken


It has pasta inside the pizza... Death by carbs!


I have the 主廚豪華總匯 Chef’s Luxurious Mix
(Don’t you just love the name?)


It has sausage, ham, corn, bacon and loads and loads of cheese.


可東義式甜筒披薩 Cup Torre: 台北市中正區和平東路一段162號﹝師大路與和平東路口﹞
No. 162, He Ping East Road Section 1, Zhong Zheng District, Taipei, Taiwan.
Tel: +8862-2368-9776

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