Friday, December 9, 2011

My First Christmas Dinner of the Year


The Lui Residence


It was a nice, cool and lovely night, perfect for dining under the stars


There was live music


And Christmas bears


And chestnuts roasting on beside the open fire (tee hee hee)


Latecomers line up for food. That’s Jer, Trinna, Me and Alex.



What we ate:

Salad with Wonton Crisps


Mixed Seafood Pasta


Lengua in Mushroom Sauce


Chicken in Gravy


Fish Fillet in Tomato Mango Salsa


Grilling Station


Big, fat and juicy prawns


Buko Pandan


Mango Torte








Sheila and her little grape-lover Julian


Very, very gold raffle prizes and boxes and boxes of ham giveaways


It stared drizzling just when everyone finished eating


So we all moved indoors


The oldies stayed in the main house


And the young ones (us!) invaded the teppanyaki house
Sil, Shelby, Ana, Me, Sheila, Karl, little Julian, Mon, Jer, Trinna, Stephen, Wendy, Alex


Merry Christmas Tree, everybody! Party smile

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