Monday, March 28, 2011

Pinoy Eats World Guerilla Dinner 7: Last Chukker


There used to be a time when I was more spontaneous and loved surprises.

But at 31, not anymore.

Except of course when it comes to food, then I am still all game and spunky.

So imagine my excitement when the big night finally arrives.

Pinoy Eats World’s Guerilla Dinner 7. Surprise, surprise!

Meeting time and place is 7pm, Manila Polo Club lobby.

I drag my cousin Frances and good friend Jerms.

And wear my pointy-toe black patent heels.


IMG_0899And then I overhear someone say we’re walking to Greenbelt.
Oh dear God, please be kind to my feet!


IMG_0902Almost immediately my prayer is answered as we arrive a few seconds later at
tonight’s dinner venue


IMG_1007Last Chukker


IMG_1010The main dining room


IMG_0905BUT we are dining under the stars tonight ★


IMG_0907Everyone gets seated as I make my way slowly to the table, struggling to keep the earth from swallowing my heels. Tip toe. Tip toe.
Hi J-Lab!  Hi Sanj!


IMG_0912Welcome message and introductions


IMG_0917Tonight’s menu clue card. I’m embarrassed to say I’m not able to guess any. Embarrassed smile


IMG_0920And no wonder. Because back in the 90s when Namee was being chased by Kapampangan boys and JJ was dating girls at Vanna’s restaurants, I was being the geeky fat kid who played jackstones all day and ate two fillet-o-fishes and a milkshake each meal. (Me in 2011: still a fat kid, still eat two fillet-o-fishes, but now I have chocolate sundae instead of milkshake)  


Fat kid with THE JJ Yulo


So you see, I am totally clueless.


IMG_0926Clue: "There's Something Fishy"
Bagna càuda, salami, crudités. A delicious way to eat your veggies.


IMG_0933Looks so much prettier on my plate


IMG_0936Clue: "HAY Naku"
Watercress, quesong puti, potato hay, raspberry vinaigrette


IMG_0939Me loves potato hays


IMG_0944Clue: "The Anti Romance Special"
Squid ink pasta, squid rings, garlic slivers, basil. Nice and tangy.


IMG_0949Clue: "Meltdown"
Spinach linguine, pancetta, mushrooms, tomato, mozzarella. This is MAJOR comfort food.


IMG_0958Parmesan bread


IMG_0961Clue: "Pinison na Nokma"
Wood-fired chicken cooked under a brick. I tell you, you gotta eat the skin.


IMG_0963Clue: "Season’s Best"
Ribeye steak, sage butter. The taste is OMGperfect. Now if only the steak were medium rare…


IMG_0954Roasted potato wedge with rosemary


IMG_0968Potato risotto


IMG_0976Decadent chocolate cake with caramel sauce


IMG_0985Namee and JJ trying to look as sultry as the pizza


IMG_0989Clue: "Vanna Vanna Bobanna"
Nutella, bananas, rocky road wedges, parmesan, mozzarella. I am in love with anything and everything nutella.


IMG_0992Mangoes and cream pizza


IMG_0974Our end of the table
(Patient peoples, lighting directors… Sorry! Thank you! I love you!)


IMG_0975The other (and luckier) end of the table
Happy Birthday, Vince!  Happy Anniversary, Mench and Gabby!


IMG_0995Little surprises for the celebrants


IMG_1002Pinoy Eats World team and PEWkers with tonight’s featured chef, Vanna Calalang Severino


As I wipe off the soil from my shoes that night, I reminisce about the food, the people, the conversations (about food), and I smile.


IMG_1006Yes, this is what life is all about.


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