Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Wine Museum



I’ve always been curious about this Wine Museum building I often pass by on the way home.

So one night, after dinner and wine at Champetre, we decide to check out the place (and have another bottle while at it).



The Wine Museum has a wine museum (duh) and training center upstairs. It is also a hotel and a restaurant. But since it is almost midnight, everything is closed.


Front Desk/Reception/Bar


Restaurant serving Colonial and Spanish cuisine


Wine vendo


Or you can buy a bottle from Ralph’s next door and enjoy it here with no corkage.


Chateau de la Nauve, Saint-Emilion 2008


Warning though, they charge airport prices for mixed nuts.


Our Php340 pack of Tobi nuts, which we eat really sloooooooowwwwly


The Wine Museum: 2253 Aurora Boulevard (formerly Tramo Road) Pasay City, Manila, Philippines. Tel: +632-239-4278

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