Saturday, July 16, 2011

Sarina Megan’s 1st Birthday


One Sunday afternoon, I attended my niece’s Dora-themed birthday party.
Yes, I have a lot of nephews and nieces from my sister and cousins.
And they still don’t have a single one from me.


Dora cake tower


Food by Verleo


                             Chicken Pastel                                                                   Grilled Steak


                            Grilled Salmon                                                             Ebi Bacon Tempura


                 Brocc0li with Mushrooms                                                         Fried Rice


                           Birthday Noodles                                                          General’s Lechon


                                    Spaghetti                                                                Chicken Lollipop


Dessert station


French fries, corndog, mixed balls station


Jen-Jen, Deb-Deb, Fruits in Ice Cream


Sarina, the birthday celebrant, enjoying her cone


                                        Mine                                                                                     Mine


                                  Jen-Jen’s                                                                        Auntie Babie’s


There were storytelling, games, and magic shows...

I think the dads enjoyed themselves more than the kids.

Just look at them.


They were dancing


They were drinking from baby bottles


All for these prizes.

Sigh… Men nowadays…


They know no better than these two cute bulilits


The Estinar Family: Sarina Megan, Mommy Margarita, Daddy Steve, Samara Maeve

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