Monday, July 11, 2011

Café 1771 ♥ ♥


I had dinner at Café 1771 with Eleonor and Sheila sometime ago, but was not able to blog about it because 1. We ordered a few dishes only (they were on diet so I was peer-pressured to diet)  2. My camera battery was dying on me so in my hurry, I took a lot of very bad photos.

Been wanting to come back ever since because I really love the restaurant interiors.



cafe 1771


cafe 1771


cafe 1771


Luckily, my cousin Nikko decides to celebrate her graduation here. So I come with a fully charged battery and encourage her to order up a storm. Because that’s what a supportive cousin does. Ha!


Congratulations, Nikko! Now we officially have an artist in the house!


Complimentary popcorn instead of bread. Nice.


Cream of Asparagus Soup


Pumpkin Soup – very pumpkin-y, very delicious


Tomato-Cheese Fondue – gruyere cheese with tomato. Yummy!


Florentine Fondue Petite – Emmenthal cheese melted with spinach, topped with grilled broccoli. Good, but I love the tomato-cheese better.


Walnut Chicken Salad – mixed greens, grilled chicken breast strips, caramelized walnuts, celery and green apple vinaigrette. The sweet and tangy dressing is addicting.


Salmon Nicoise Salad – mixed greens, vinaigrette, smoked salmon, hard-boiled egg, anchovies, French beans and tomatoes. But that is not hard-boiled egg!!!


Boneless Crispy Pork Hocks on a bed of sweet-sour cabbage and onions – tender and crunchy


Organic Chicken in Potato Crust – why defy the purpose of eating healthy by covering the organic chicken in potato chips? I eat more chips than chicken. Hehe.


Sautéed Sea Bream with French beans and brunoise of dried mango, garlic and bacon,
tomato-anchovy and olive dressing. Nothing exciting. Love the starch siding though.


Lamb Shoulder Chops braised with tomatoes, beans, carrots, olives.
My kind of comfort food. Now all I need is a bowl of buttery mashed potatoes.


Salmon Lasagna – salmon flakes, bechamel, Emmenthal cheese and Parmesan cheese.
Tastes very fishy to me.


Spaghetti with Sardines and Fried Capers – spaghetti tossed in sardines fried with garlic and topped with fried capers, toasted breadcrumbs. Exciting taste and textures.


Forgot what this pasta dish is called, tastes quite forgettable anyway.


Holy Cow Pizza - white cheese, mozzarella, arugula, extra virgin olive oil.
Love the idea of cheese and arugula but lacking in taste.


Mushroom and Smoked Salmon Pizza – sour cream, roasted and sautéed mushrooms,
smoked salmon, mozzarella. Not my type.


Monroe Bread Pudding – brioche type bread baked in luscious custard with butter
and real vanilla bean. It’s soft, it’s warm, it’s love at first bite.


Coffee Pie – Chateau 1771’s signature dessert. Coffee filling on chocolate-cashew crust
with cream topping and toffee sauce. Perfect for all you sweet tooth caffeine lovers out there.


Espresso Cheesecake – a serious cheesecake marbled with real espresso flavor.
Rich and creamy.


Chocolate Excess – a memorable chocolate cake with a hint of orange marmalade,
Valrhona chocolate ganache and chocolate glaze. My favorite of all desserts.
Truly memorable. A must!!!


Fruit shakes, juices, café mocha and my sister Jamie


I love these sarsaparilla bottles. So vintage!


I can stay in this pretty powder blue toilet forever
(Just bring me more of that chocolate cake)


Fatterside cousins. 4 down, 4 more to go. God, I feel so ancient!!!


Café 1771: El Pueblo Real de Manila, Ortigas Center, Pasig City, Metro Manila, Philippines. Tel: +632-631-7340

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