Monday, September 6, 2010

Javi and Marie’s Wedding Day, Bohol




Marie is my “small-but-terrible” good friend from college. And Javi or Sir Gamboa was our very serious “Spanish import” Chemistry professor back then. Fast forward 12 years (or is it 13?), we all meet again, this time not anymore in UA&P campus, but in Bohol, Marie’s hometown, in the beautiful Dauis Church.

Thank you, Facebook’s Friend Finder app! From being single and “it’s complicated” at times, Javi and Marie has become friends, liked, been in a relationship, and are now married to each other.


IMG_7557Dauis Church is one of the oldest and most beautiful in the Philippines


IMG_7558Calla lilies, my favorite flower


IMG_7561The happy and excited groom with his parents


IMG_7564Ninong and “Ninang” Tine standing in


IMG_7568  Sean showing daddy Floyd the proper ring-bearing moves, and
mommy Heilyn capturing every parent’s proudest moment




IMG_7572Awww, Javi…


IMG_7580The beautiful bride and her parents


IMG_7582The look of love


15139_245892500728_507235728_4707076_6529785_nThe sealing of vows 
(photo grabbed from Miguel)


And the MOST awaited part…



15139_245892875728_507235728_4707116_2079359_nWHAT?!?! WTH?!?!?! WHAT’S UP WITH THE FAN?!?!?!?!?!
(photo grabbed from Miguel)


After the censored you-may-now-kiss-the-bride, all of us gather for cocktails at the back of the church.

IMG_7593on a beautiful Tuesday afternoon


IMG_7594 with such a picturesque backdrop


IMG_7604FOOD!!! Tuna and toasts


IMG_7603Spring rolls and Spanish ham (but of course!)


Where there’s food, there’s us! Karl, Jodie, Alex, Me, Tine


A light and short shower of rain (this means good luck in Chinese culture), a tour of an old Spanish building, refreshing drinks of iced tea at Cafe Lawis, and the doors to the garden dinner reception open.

IMG_7649 Soooo romantic!


IMG_7657 The principal table


IMG_7670The centerpiece


IMG_7704The wedding cupcake tower from Sweet Stuff by Jill


IMG_7691The radiant bride and the amazing Veluz wedding gown


And, drumroll, please, the food!

IMG_7667 Caramelized onion soup with pork dumpling


IMG_7669Petite Mesclun tossed in lychee vinaigrette with fresh fruits and
roasted cashew nuts


IMG_7673 Seared codfish over bokchoy and basil ravioli with fish roe, cherry tomatoes and white cheese


IMG_7677 Puree of mixed citrus with honey laced with mint


IMG_7681 Slow roast pork belly humba style, served with gingered rice, pea sprouts
and shitake mushrooms


IMG_7686Chocolate roll with vanilla ice cream from Sweet Stuff by Jill


With Mr. & Mrs. Javier Gamboa


IMG_7713My favorite part of the night (ok, it’s a tie with the eating), is the lighting
and flying of the paper lanterns


IMG_7710It is so romantic and enchanting, I think it’s everybody’s favorite, too.


IMG_7715Up, up and away


Javi and Marie, your wedding is truly one of the most beautiful I have witnessed.

Well, except for the wedding kiss boo-boo. He he :P


IMG_7721Congratulations, you lovebirds!


IMG_7727After-party back at the Bohol Beach Club
(Don’t worry, we didn’t make Javi wait too long)


Dauis Church: Panglao Island, Bohol, Philippines

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