Thursday, May 5, 2011

jin loves to eat at home, April 11 - May 1, 2011


Oh my dearest super loooooooooooooooog list of backlogs, you are stressing mama out!!!

Just getting this last “jin loves to eat at home” post out of the way and then I’m ready to share photos from our Scandinavia trip.



April 11, 12:21pm

7-up prawns, fried noodles, chives, pan-fried fish fillet


April 12, 11:47am

Crispy pata, cauliflower with mushrooms, laing, boiled tong ho vegetable

Pear, chico, mango, papaya, melon, drgon fruit


April 13, 1:18am

Sautéed yellow bell peppers, steamed spinach, sesame pork floss over rice

Melon, mango, papaya, pear, apple, dragon fruit


April 14, 11:50am

Seaweed sausage, braised fish, upo with crabsticks, omelet, red rice

Melon, pear, papaya, Korean pear


April 14-26 – Off to Scandinavia!!! Smile


April 26, 6:17pm

Fish cake, sautéed pea shoots, steamed kai-lan, a tiny piece of fried chicken

Guava, pear, apple, mango, dragon fruit


April 27, 12:37pm

Mushroom ball, fish ball, minced pork with carrot, steamed zucchini and Chinese cabbage

Dragon fruit, pear, apple, guava, mango


April 28, 12:02pm

Pork tocino, garlic steamed prawn, steamed lapu-lapu, chives, okra, rice

Kesong puti


April 29, 3:05pm

Garlicky chicken adobo, spinach, okra

Dragon fruit, guava, melon, apple, mango, banana, pear

Fresh yellow watermelon juice


April 30, 12:02pm

Steamed fish with ginger, cucumber, mushrooms, boiled spinach, rice

Dragon fruit, papaya, apple, guava, banana


May 1, 10:07am

Guava, melon, apple, pear, dragon fruit

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