Thursday, May 5, 2011

Thai Airways MNL-BKK-CPH Inflight Meals ♥ ♥


I promised you this post will be about our Scandinavia trip. But you see, we needed to fly first before we could get to Scandinavia.

Yes. In airplanes.

Where we ate airplane food.

So that is what this post will be about. The inflight meals Thai Airways served us on our way to and back from Scandinavia.

But first, lounge food, coz we always get hungry just before flying.


Stripey Soriano sisters in Thai Airways Lounge. Check out the matching Toms, too!


Fruits, breads and booze


More breads and cold appies


Hot dishes and more booze


My plate of pork adobo, penne pasta, tuna puff, ham-onion roll and tuna salad


This chicken puff is pretty good stuff!




Because we are pigs, we bought 3 packs of siomai from one of the food vendors in the airport and borrowed Thai Airways plate for easy eating. Ha ha.


We bought sandwiches and growers peanuts, too.


We got on board and what a surprise! This plane looks happier and a lot more cheerful than the one I took on my last TG flight.


thai airwaysLove the vibrant colors…


thai airwaysAnd the purple blanket and the purple earphone pouch


April 14, Manila to Bangkok

Fish fillet with rice. Didn’t like the food, but loved the tomato juice.


April 14, Bangkok to Copenhagen

First Serving: Shrimps with gnochetti sardi salad in Italian basil dressing, chicken in green curry with eggplant, steamed Thai Hom Mali rice, some flowery dessert that tasted like soap. The chicken curry was a bit dry. Too bad because the flavors were bold and beautiful.


Felisse had braised beef slices with red wine sauce, spaghetti and roasted vegetables.
This was quite nice.


Second serving: Cut fruits in passion fruit sauce, yoghurt, mushroom and cheese quiche, pan-fried bacon, premium chicken sausage, ratatouille, soya bean roll, croissant, butter and jam. I loved the fact that they gave me two breads instead of asking me which one I prefer. I always have a hard time choosing just one.


My reading material for the long flight. Such a precious book.


April 25, Stockholm to Bangkok

First serving: wheat roll with cheese, salmon roulade, pork with fried rice, caramel cake. This tray rocks! I finished everything in no time.


Felisse had green chicken curry with rice. It was spicy and delicious.


Second serving: Mushroom omelette with sausages and hash browns, fruits, yoghurt, bread with butter and jam, milk tea. This was just alright.


April 26, Bangkok to Manila

Pancake, chicken sausage, fruits, yoghurt, croissant, butter, jam.
But that’s not a pancake. That’s omelette wrapped in crepe. Toink.

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