Thursday, May 5, 2011

jin loves to eat at home, March 21–April 10, 2011


Guess what Kim brought me from Mercato today?


MedChef’s Flourless White Chocolate Mango Torte


Life is sweet when your lil bro has a thoughtful girlfriend. Hehehe. Thank you, Kim! Smile


March 21, 12:08pm

Auntie Babie’s super yummy smoked bangus, garlic prawns, cauliflower, chayote

Dragon fruit, pear, apple, chico, mango


March 22, 12:06pm

Steamed lapu-lapu, garlic steamed prawn, mini choi sum, crabsticks

Dragon fruit, apple, mango, papaya, star apple, banana


March 23, 10:04am

Mushroom salpicao, steamed fish with scallions, ground pork omelet


March 23, 7:06pm

Auntie Babie’s super yummy smoked bangus. I just can’t get enough of it!!!


March 24, 10:59am

Fried pork chop, salmon fried rice, steamed bok choy


March 25, 12:09pm

Garlic butter shrimps, chicken barbecue, ham omelet, stir-fried pechay with crabmeat

Dragon fruit, pear, papaya, chico, mango, banana


March 26, 11:02am

Braised native chicken, steamed fish with scallions, Chinese pechay, rice

Melon, papaya, guava, dragon fruit, pomelo


March 26 to April 5 – Eating up a storm in Hong Kong


April 6, 11:43am

Sweet and sour chicken, barbecue chicken, garlic stir-fried celery

Pear, pomelo, guava, star apple, kiwi, chico, dragon fruit

Fresh orange juice


April 7, 9:06am

Dragon fruit, guava, pear, apple, mango


April 8, 7:18am

Sausage on herbed baguette


April 9, 10:46am

Black grapes, guava, apple, pear, mango, dragon fruit

Camote soup


April 10, 11:58am

Braised fish, pork and beans, mustard greens, mushrooms, squash, okra

Dragon fruit, melon, papaya, pear, apple

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