Thursday, March 17, 2011

Yedang Korean BBQ Restaurant ♥ ♥


It is a good friend’s birthday and I am feeling extra generous. I ask him to pick a nice, swanky restaurant and I’ll treat him there for lunch.

Of all the restaurants in Manila, I cannot believe he picks Yedang.

I guess there must be something really special about this Korean BBQ place.


IMG_1050Free appetizers, lettuce and shisho leaves


IMG_1064Spicy fish cakes – my favorite!


IMG_1068Sweet baby potatoes – my second favorite


IMG_1055Grill beef belly


IMG_4069Roast pork belly


IMG_1058Grill pork spare ribs


IMG_1057Grill sweet beef ribs – I like this the most


IMG_4070Japchae – because although this is nothing spectacular, I will die without my carbs


Cheap but good. No wonder he likes.

But for me, Makchang is still the best.


IMG_1071I love the pandan-flavored water and finish a bottle. 
(The fly on my cup loves it, too)


Yedang Korean BBQ Restaurant: 88 Meralco Avenue, Pasig City, Philippines.
Tel: +632-636-1461

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