Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Dessert Comes First 6th Anniversary Party


You know how a person has 2 sides to his family – father’s side and mother’s side?

Well, I also have 2 sides to my family.

The Father’s Side and The Fatterside.

And on April 9, The Fatterside cousins want to ravage and bulldoze all the goodies at Dessert Comes First 6th Anniversary Party.

Imagine an afternoon filled with sweet and savory treats by Jill Sandique, Ann Puno, Karen Young, Cristina Santiago-Rivera, Roselyn Tiangco, Gina Lopez, Len Lo, Tina Raines, Gail Ang, Ricky Morelos and Paeng Soon.

This is gonna be WILD.

There are only 100 tickets available and we’ve already submitted our photo entries.


IMG_0483Desserts are very deer to us – Jamie and Frances


IMG_0498She’s so small but so terrible! Tsk! – Felisse and Jr


IMG_0507“Goldilocks” and the Three Bears – Nikko, Florence and me


And here are a few more just for fun:


IMG_2564I am the Queen of Afternoon Tea – Auntie Babie


IMG_8365I love licking my birthday cake – Oreo


We hope we get in.

We promise, Lori, we’ll behave!

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