Saturday, March 19, 2011

KT Star 基泰之星 ♥


This is our home for the next 5 nights.


KT Star TaipeiThe KT Star is a residential building which also doubles as a short/long stay condo residence


KT Star TaipeiYou are not allowed to take pictures of the lobby, but I am able to sneak a few before these people signal me to stop


IMG_0063There’s a self-service coffee machine at the lobby. Pay NT$20 for a cup.


Except for the handsome-looking lobby and the close proximity to my favorite Qing Guang Market 晴光市場, I have no more nice things to say about KT Star, from the service to the size and cleanliness of the rooms.


All the bigger rooms are already booked so we stay in the smallest unit which they proudly claim is 16-ping in size.

1 ping is about 3.3 sqm so 16 ping x 3.3 = 52.8 sqm. (Tell me, am I a math genius or what?)

I think 52.8 sqm is a pretty good size. But we are shocked to discover that the 52.8 sqm also includes the terrace and all common areas. So there, we’re stuck for 5 nights in a cramped and ill-designed shoebox.


KT Star TaipeiThis is Auntie Babie and Uncle Frank’s better-designed shoebox


KT Star Taipei32” LCD, cable TV, closet space


KT Star TaipeiKitchenette with microwave, fridge, induction stove, water pot, washer/dryer, sink




IMG_9564Bath tub is sunken


KT Star TaipeiThis is the poorly designed shoebox Frances and I share


IMG_9573What’s the use of having a TV when you can’t watch it lying down in bed?




IMG_9575Toilet, hairdryer, shampoo, body wash


IMG_9577The sunken bathtub again. It’s quite a challenge to get in and out. I really don’t like.
Water pressure is strong, in fairness.


Cleaning is offered once a week only.

There is complimentary broadband internet in the room and wifi in the lobby.

The maintenance people are not doing their job right.


IMG_9681Look at all the ugly stains on the wall (wait till you see the other areas)


IMG_9682See how dirty


IMG_9687They didn’t even bother taking out the price tag.
It’s in the little things, in the little things…


And we found 5 strands of hair on the bed.


I don’t think we’ll stay here ever again.


IMG_0231Too bad, because Rosytimes Bar, Hot/Cool KTV, Vigor Fitness Room and
Attitude Rhythm Room sound like really cool places Smile with tongue out


KT Star 基泰之星: No. 8 Nong An Street, Chung Shan District, Taipei, Taiwan.
台北市中山區農安街8號. Tel: +886-2-2597-6686

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