Monday, March 21, 2011

jin loves to eat at home, March 14-20, 2011


These 3 signages summarize my life right now.


IMG_9675Baring teeth smile


IMG_9680Broken heart


IMG_9679Crying face


But still I am feeling ever so lucky.

Thanks to Uncle Frank and Auntie Babie, my dreams of inhaling European air will soon become a reality.

Watch out for it. Winking smile


March 14, 7:23am

IMG_0685Ham, sausage and turkey on whole wheat baguette


March 14, 8:19pm

IMG_0727Happy Lemon’s Cocoa with Rock Salt and Cheese – my current obsession!
And Coffee with Rock Salt and Cheese. Thank you, Jamie!


March 15, 1:04pm

IMG_0730Grilled pork spareribs, tofu chawanmushi, steamed spinach, mushrooms and rice

IMG_0731Dragon fruit, mango, banana


March 16, 12:47pm

IMG_07767-up shrimps, pumpkin stir-fry, pechay with mushrooms and conpoy

IMG_0777Dragon fruit, mango, papaya, apple, guava, banana


March 17, 12:30pm

IMG_0779Steamed fish fillet, mushrooms with broccoli, boiled spinach, pork floss on rice

IMG_0781Papaya, orange, apple, pear, guava, dragon fruit

IMG_0783UCC Tiramisu, my all-time favorite! Thank you, Auntie Kiddie!


March 18, 9:51am

IMG_0785Pan fried garlic bangus belly, steamed fish fillet, mustard greens with dried scallops

IMG_0789Star fruit, guava, pear, apple, papaya, orange, dragon fruit


March 19, 11:32am

IMG_0851Native chicken soup with Chinese medicinal herbs

IMG_0856Star fruit, papaya, orange, apple, pear, guava, dragon fruit

IMG_0855Mini chocolate cupcakes


March 20, 12:14pm

IMG_0878Chicken adobo with egg, Chinese pechay with dried scallops, red rice

IMG_0880Star fruit, guava, orange, papaya, banana, dragon fruit

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