Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Birthdays and Thanksgiving


Tonight we are celebrating 3 occasions:

Auntie Lucy’s birthday

Gerrald’s birthday

And Jordan’s thanksgiving


IMG_0790That’s them – the birthday celebrants Auntie Lucy and cousin Gerrald, the thanksgiving celebrant (what do you call it anyway?) Jordan, Uncle Gerry, Auntie Joan and A-ma


IMG_0818Table setup


IMG_0832It’s a full house


IMG_0833Catering by Verleo


IMG_0795Birthday noodles with quail egg


IMG_0847Chicken pastel


IMG_0820Verleo fried rice


IMG_0824Braised tofu with black mushroom


IMG_0825Barbequed spareribs


IMG_0826Roast beef with mushroom sauce


IMG_0830Fish fillet with sweet and sour sauce


IMG_0810Mango crepe with mango sauce


IMG_0807Almond fruit cocktail


IMG_0811My gaawwwddd! Seeing all these high school kids suddenly makes me feel so ancient!


IMG_0839A game of pabitin, so exciting!


IMG_0840That’s mine! That’s mine! Get out of the way!


IMG_0842Teachers, principal, faculty staff… everyone is a kid at heart Smile with tongue out


IMG_0844Hi Hiro! (As in short for Hiroshima)


IMG_0791And according to Auntie Patty, “the annoying cousins” with A-ma.
Yeah, yeah, I am ancient.


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