Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I Am Back!


So I survived and I am back 5 lbs. heavier. (Please, Lord, let it be new muscles, not new fats!)

And again, as with all my adventure trips, I brought back with me another big ouchie. (Remember Bellarocca? I still carry a scar)


I fell and hurt my knee this time. PAIN. FUL.


IMG_8797No, I did not fall from taking too many cliff edge photos with my travel group:
Nikko, Frances, me and Jamie


IMG_8829Nor from getting an Ifugao beating for ruining their traditional costume with my bright top, leggings, rubber shoes and sunglasses (the Ifugao lady vendor was quite amused actually)


IMG_8861Nor from insisting on riding this box meant for transporting sacks of rice


IMG_8999Nor from inching closer and closer to the edge of this hanging bench


L1070409Nor from descending on ginormous steps to get to the Hapao Rice Terraces


L1070439Nor from walking on pilapils when my sense of balance sucks
(Actually, I fell here but minor fall only. Whew!)


L1070741Nor from walking downhill on really steep slopes to reach the Batad Rice Terraces


L1070755Nor from walking too freakin’ close to the edge


L1070876Nor from getting down a traditional Ifugao hut using unsecured ladder


IMG_9133Nor from leaning back way too much so I look thinner in this photo
(with no success, obviously)


L1070969Nor from climbing up ridiculously impossible steps that never seem to end 
(That’s me on the left. I almost died on that spot)


L1080032Nor from trying to pee squatting on this slippery device


IMG_9321Nor from forcing my big butt into this tiny traditional Bontoc ladies dormitory


L1080351Nor from walking downhill to reach the Burial Caves (in my PJs, too!)


L1080379Nor from constantly turning back to take photos of Frances as she contemplated whether or not to continue the descent


L1080415Nor from playing Tarzan in Sumaging Cave


No, I did not fall and hurt my knee doing all these crazy activities.


L1070552That’s me taking a photo of my injury. I am sick like that.


Peanut butter on my wound. Because every part of my body loves to eat.


I am so embarrassed to say this, but I fell from a jeep.


IMG_8920No, not in some exciting way like jumping off the top


IMG_1540I fell on the ground while getting off this jeep.



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