Friday, June 4, 2010

Bellarocca Island Resort and Spa ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


And Jin loves to vacation, too!

With an irresistible soft-opening promo package and a group of my craziest and wackiest cousins and friends all wanting to come, a trip to Marinduque is destined to happen.

And so on a beautiful Friday morning, we risk our lives, get on this propeller plane, and pray with all our might that we arrive safely in the beautiful Greece-inspired island resort that is Bellarocca.


IMG_5684 Our flight turns out to be quite pleasant actually, thanks to Zest Air, Asia’s most refreshing airline


After a 40-minute shuttle ride, we get to the port where a speedboat is waiting to bring us to the island that is to be our playground for the weekend.

IMG_5699The Island and The Wacky People in their wacky orange life jackets


IMG_5709This is where we alight


IMG_5707 And we are greeted with a welcome song and dance number


IMG_5713And then we are given welcome drinks


And then we look around and our jaws drop open. We are at a loss for words, deeply mesmerized by the beauty that surrounds us.

How can we not be?



IMG_5719  IMG_5763 IMG_5765 IMG_5768


Bellarocca is a sprawling island. To get around, you may choose to be adventurous and explore the island on foot.

IMG_5721 Or be lazy asses like us and call for golf cart service


Five of us share a 2-bedroom villa with one extra bed. And the other two opt to enjoy some private quality time in their own room at the hotel.

IMG_5773Hotel room


I tell you, go for the villa!



IMG_5724Bedroom One 


IMG_5777Bathroom in Bedroom One


IMG_5745L’Occitane toiletries


IMG_5726 Bedroom Two


IMG_5778Bathroom in Bedroom Two


IMG_5729 Chiz getting acquainted with the home theater system in our room


IMG_5734The extra bed in the living area


IMG_5735 Toilet in the living area


IMG_5736Kitchen where a butler can prepare your meals


And the best part is…  

IMG_5723You have a breathtaking view of the vast and never-ending ocean


IMG_5722You get your very own sundeck 


IMG_5789 Where you can laze around and catch up on your reading


IMG_5741And you get your very own jacuzzi and infinity pool


IMG_6005Where you can practice your yoga poses


IMG_5991 And snorkel! (Can’t guarantee you’ll see any fishes though)



There really is no need to leave your villa. But the stunning infinity pool and sundeck right beside the ocean is also not to be missed. 

IMG_5861Where we lounge and play rounds of Charades


IMG_5851 Who needs the beach


IMG_5872When you have a pool like this?



There are so many other things you can do in the resort, like…

IMG_0167Getting this beautiful couple shot of you and your super surfer girlfriend


IMG_0175Befriending a starfish and then throwing it back into the ocean


IMG_0177 Snorkeling when you’re not supposed to and getting your foot cut so deep by a coral that until now (7 months, 4 days, 3 hours and 11 minutes after), it still won’t heal. Thank you,
Dr. Raphy, for coming to the rescue!




IMG_6073Challenging yourself with a game of chess


IMG_6072Losing yourself in books and board games


IMG_6069Or angrily losing to a girl in a game of pool


And for the very few romantic guys left out there,

IMG_5965Proposing to the love of your life over a romantic dinner


Oh, Bellarocca! You are indeed a beautiful rock!

The most beautiful rock.

Sadness fills me the day we depart. Leaving Bellarocca is like seeing your precious baby off to his first summer camp. My heart feels heavy and a tear starts to form.


IMG_6099I will be back, Bellarocca. This is not goodbye.


IMG_6105Ton, Jerms, Donna, Ritchie, Paul, Me and Chiz. We all will be back.


It is not only the breathtaking views, the superb facilities, and the insanely crazy company that make our Bellarocca getaway a most memorable one. It is also the beautiful staff, their friendly smiles and the 6-star service they so warmly provide, that make this vacation so perfect for all of us.

And it doesn’t stop there.


IMG_4939Bellarocca remembers us. And sends us warm greetings on special occasions.


And I remember you, too, Bellarocca. Every time I look down and see my scar.



Bellarocca Island Resort and Spa: Barangay Tungib Lipata, Municipality of Buenavista, Province of Marinduque, Philippines

Manila Reservations Office:

Suite 2804, 28th Floor, Ayala Life-FGU Center
6811 Ayala Avenue, Makati City, Philippines
Tel: +63 2 817 7290; +63 2 328 8831         
Fax: +63 2 817 5879; +63 2 892 4102        

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