Friday, March 18, 2011

Auntie Babie Loves Costco ♥ ♥ ♥


During the 5 years I lived in Taipei, when I was free to do whatever and kiss whoever, I did not spend my weekends in bars dancing like Lady Gaga and kissing whoevers.

If not at the street food markets, my Saturdays and Sundays were spent in Costco.

I am so happy I get to revisit one of my favorite places in Taipei.


Costco is a tease. It requires you to pass through the non-food floor before you get to where all the good stuff is.


costcoBut that’s okay. I share Auntie Babie’s love for toothbrush and dental floss.


IMG_2218Frances’ cool find: Coleman LED lamps


IMG_2220Perfect for camping and Manila brownouts


IMG_2226Auntie Babie sees something from home – Philippine Brand Dried Mangoes


oreo cookiesA wall of Oreos




IMG_9967More chocolates


IMG_9966Frozen waffles, cream puffs, cakes and cheesecakes


IMG_9972Part of our cart
(Btw, Frances, where did the cookies go?)


IMG_9951My weakness… TRUFFETTE DE FRANCE!!!


IMG_0003Look at the generous free-taste pieces! No dividing one truffle into 183.2976 tiny bits.
Now you know why I love hanging out in Costco. Winking smile


IMG_0004Guess who’s delighted


IMG_9962We have little cups of Korean ginseng chicken congee here


IMG_9968Little plates of spaghetti with Prego sauce there


IMG_9969But we skip the little cups of Kirkland Signature vodka
(Doesn’t the lady seem a bit too happy?)


IMG_2229And look just how lucky we are. Ding Tai Fung is in Costco only this weekend.


ding tai fungNo need to wait in line anymore at DTF outlets


ding tai fungFeels like a xiao long bao-making lab


IMG_2246Snacking time!!!


xiao long baoXiao Long Bao – yum


IMG_9975Shrimp and Meat Dumpling – yum yum


IMG_9981Auntie Babie drinks little cups of Korean Citron and Red Date Teas


IMG_2257Auntie Babie poses with Japanese burdock


IMG_9984Auntie Babie wants to take home this Rotisserie Chicken


IMG_9986Cheeses, cheeses, cheeses 
Happy Cow is my childhood favorite


IMG_0001Bagels, bagels, bagels


IMG_9998Muffins, muffins, muffins
The chocolate ones used to be my dinner on PMS nights


IMG_9990Costco has in-house cake section, too


IMG_9995“I love these baby croissants!”


IMG_2277“I super love these giant croissants!”


IMG_2272“Can I take this bag of dinner rolls, too?”


IMG_2269“Wait, but I really need this garlic butter spread”


IMG_2216“I’m gonna hide all my goodies in this cooler so Jin won’t find them”


IMG_2284Costco, the happiest place in Taipei


IMG_1873Now let’s go fill up that jumbo balikbayan box


Costco: No. 268, Jiu Zong Road, Section 1, Nei Hu District, Taipei, Taiwan, ROC.
Tel: +886-2-8791-0110

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