Thursday, February 10, 2011

Royal Flora Rajapruek 2011 ♥ ♥


So in November 2006 the Royal Thai Government hosted a celebration for King Bumibol, the world’s longest reigning monarch. The government went all out and organized the Royal Flora Rajapruek, a 92-day floral expo which some 30 big nations participated in (Japan, South Korea, Belgium, Netherlands, South Africa, Canada…), creating a sprawling garden with more than 2.5 million trees of 2,200 species of tropical plants and flowers.


The Royal Thai government opens the park to the public from November 2010 to some time in February 2011. Horticulture freaks, come and have the time of your lives!

I am in no way a birds, flowers and bees kind of person, but if anyone creates something as grand as this to celebrate My Royal Highness, man, I’d marry that person in a royal heartbeat.


royal flora rajapruekI feel like Queen Alice in Wonderland


royal flora rajapruekA flower girl. Literally.


royal flora rajapruekThis is just the park entrance.


royal flora rajapruekThe place is H-U-G-E!!!


royal flora rajapruekMe, Sam, Auntie Susan, Uncle Richard


royal flora rajapruekMist “trees” to cool us down


royal flora rajapruekLook what’s on display… Salad vegetables!!!


royal flora rajapruekThe gardens are impeccably manicured


royal flora rajapruekShades of green


royal flora rajapruekUK Garden


royal flora rajapruek burma gardenBurma Garden


royal flora rajapruekInside the Burma Garden


royal flora rajapruek tulipI am in Holland!!!
…Garden (Ops! So happy our tour guide insisted on this pic.)


royal flora rajapruek tulipLittle bees love to eat


royal flora rajapruek orchidsA beautiful orchid shower


royal flora rajapruek royal pavilionHo Kham Royal Pavilion


royal flora rajapruek royal pavilionThe Royal Pavilion boasts Lanna-style architecture and is the main attraction of the Expo. There are little bell-like things hanging from the roof and when the wind blows they make beautiful sounds which the Thais believe announce the coming of angels. It’s so beautiful.


royal flora rajapruek royal pavilionMy favorite shot. Someone teach me how to photoshop Eric Dane and myself in!


Guess what we spy on our way to the car.

royal flora rajapruek food marketFood market! Now THIS, rather than royal flower parks, is more my kind of stuff.


royal flora rajapruek food market  royal flora rajapruek food market
                     Oranges and Tamarinds                                                    Fresh Fruit Juices


royal flora rajapruek food market  royal flora rajapruek food market fried rice
                        Green Mango Salad                                                                Fried Rice


royal flora rajapruek food market fried shrimp  royal flora rajapruek food market fried chicken
                             Ebi Tempura                                                                      Fried Chicken


royal flora rajapruek food market   royal flora rajapruek food market
               Some Thick and Spicy Soup                                                      Balls on Sticks


royal flora rajapruek food market   royal flora rajapruek food market
                            Mini Sausages                                                           Grass Jelly with Evap


royal flora rajapruek food market strawberryAnd strawberries. They’re everywhere in Chiang Mai!


Royal Park Rajapruek: Rajapruek Royal Garden, Mae Hia Sub-district, Mueang district, Chiang Mai, Thailand

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