Friday, February 4, 2011

Torch Restaurant and Bar ♥ ♥ ♥


torch restaurant and bar connecticut


And my soft, creamy cousin with that sexy Marilyn Monroe Mole finally turns 18.


IMG_7106The main party with all the young, raging hormones is held at the function room upstairs


torch restaurant and bar connecticutWhile the eating party with all the hungry, old hormones is held at Torch main dining room


torch restaurant and bar connecticutWhen the clock strikes 10, Torch Restaurant becomes Torch Bar and Lounge. Lights go dim and suddenly everyone and everything looks a lot sexier, a lot more attractive.


Except for my food photos.

I try very hard but this is already the best my camera can do. (Special thanks to Ryan, Kim, Richard and Auntie Judy for holding up Monica’s iPhone during the shoot. Flashlight app is awesomeness.)


IMG_7122Roasted Pumpkin Soup – for those who like their pumpkin soup a bit sweet, this is it.


IMG_7130French Onion Soup – my cousin Monica says this is good


torch restaurant and bar connecticut soft shell crab saladSoft Shell Crab Salad – one piece of crab and a whole garden of vegetables!
The greens are crisp and the dressing is light.


torch restaurant and bar connecticut truffle friesTruffle + Fries = OMG!


torch restaurant and bar connecticut chicken skinChicken Skin – this crunchy and fatty goodness is the perfect bar chow.
Bad for me, yes. I should stop, NO!


Peppermill’s Signature Roll – soft then crunchy, salty then sweet and tangy, this soft shell crab-salmon skin-crabstick-mango sushi roll got just enough heat to keep things exciting


IMG_7157Volcano Roll – really, who can go wrong with baked US scallops and melted mozzarella?


IMG_7187Gambas Pizza – pizza is super thin and crisp, it’s one of those things you can keep munching and not notice until you’ve wiped out the whole plate. (Read: Lethal) The gambas topping is sweet and spicy, an explosion of flavors in my mouth.


torch restaurant and bar connecticut steak fondueSteak Fondue – each huge cube of the Meltique beef ribeye is beautifully marbled, making every bite a melt-in-your-mouth experience. Even when we leave the beef pieces submerged in that hot pot of oil forever, they come out browned on the outside, but all pillowy soft on the inside. A must.


IMG_7144Panna Cotta – I loved this when I had it in Lanai, love it even more here in Torch


IMG_7166Oldies but goodies: Auntie Judy, Me, Jill, Danny, Monica, Richard, Ryan and Kim


IMG_7171Time to par-tay!!!
(Dear Kim’s Mom, really, I told her finishing both bottles is a very bad idea!)


Toby lets us sample a few Torch cocktails.

IMG_7175Coco Lychee Daiquiri – taste of the tropics


IMG_7176Upside Down Mango Daiquiri Beer – the only way you can make me drink beer


IMG_7179Some mocha drink I really like


IMG_7191Toby, Gail, Me, Auntie Judy, Monica, Richard


IMG_7185Dearest Soft and Creamy Cousin with the Sexy Marilyn Monroe Mole, you are now officially a young woman. Farewell to pajama parties, 10pm curfews, baby pinks and Twin Valley Highs (nge!). Hello, world of drugs, sex, booze and all things destructive.
(Just kidding, Ninong Jun!!! You’re dead meat, Sasa! Mwahaha!!!)


Torch: Home Studio Building, 63 Connecticut Street, Greenhills, San Juan, Philippines.
Tel: +632-477-3771, +632-502-0000

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