Monday, February 21, 2011

Tanabe, Adriatico Circle ♥ ♥


Remember Jill of Sweet Stuff by Jill?

She is the naughty girl who tortured me all night by making me sleep in The Cookie Room.

Jill is here from Cebu for the Bakery Fair, and we are going together with Alex and Liza.

Jill’s mission is to search for a Wilton castle cake set for her niece’s upcoming birthday.

My mission is to taste all of the vendors’ samples. Whipped cream, cakes, chocolate sprinkles buffet… oh my, I am so coming for you!

But first, some lunch. And A LOT of sweet chismis! (Poor Alex, he is bored to pieces.)


IMG_8505Appetizers: sweet dilis and tofu


IMG_8500Deep Fried Baby Shrimps (and a strand of deep fried hair… eeew!)


tanabe california makiCalifornia Maki


tanabe uni sashimiUni Sashimi – fresh, sweet and buttery


tanabe gindara teriyakiGindara – nicely done except for the really charred “tail”


tanabe kani tempuraKani Tempura


tanabe beef teppanUS Beef Teppan – not bad. Love the buttered vegetables.


IMG_8515Assorted Veggies – crisp and tasty


tanabe mixed fried riceMixed Fried Rice (half portion)


tanabe green tea ice creamGreen Tea Ice Cream – the perfect creamy ending to a nice Japanese meal


Now I am ready for that whipped cream, cakes and chocolate sprinkles buffet.


Alex (still bored), Liza, Me and Jill


See what I ate at the Mall of Asia branch.


Tanabe: 553 Remedios St., Malate, Manila, Metro Manila, Philippines. Tel: +632-528-4688

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