Sunday, February 20, 2011

Tanabe, Mall of Asia ♥ ♥


tanabe japanese restaurant


Our HK-based, good friend Ann is flying in for the weekend. We pick her up from the airport and grab something to eat.

Yes, it is ALL ABOUT FOOD.


IMG_4423Appetizers – crispy dilis and tofu


salmon teppanAnn, the guest of honor, has Salmon Teppan and…




chirashizushiCJ has a bowl of Chirashizushi


assorted sashimiRebecca has the Sashimi Set


IMG_4685Johann has the Tenderloin Steak Set


IMG_4677And I have a light and healthy plate of Assorted Sashimi. It’s quite fresh.
(This only happens when I’m eating with stick-thin, body-conscious friends.
Kasi naman, pressure!!!)


IMG_4693Johann, Ann, Me, CJ and Rebecca


Now this is what I eat on a regular basis:

salmon sashimiSalmon Sashimi


ama ebi sashimiAma Ebi – not so fresh today


unagi temakiUnagi Temaki


ebi tempuraEbi Tempura


usuyaki beef rollUsuyaki Beef Roll




IMG_4433Sukiyaki (my half portion)


IMG_4041Sharing the calories with my good old friend Oliver


See what I ate at the Adriatico Circle branch.


Tanabe: Entertainment Mall, SM Mall of Asia, Central Business Park, Pasay City, Metro Manila, Philippines. Tel: +632-556-0360

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