Monday, February 7, 2011

Shang Palace Dimsum Plus ♥ ♥


On my friend Tanders’ Facebook Wall:

‎Jin Perez, Dexter Tan, Jeff Tan, Beverly Tan - We're on for lunch this Sat at Shang Palace. 11:30. Come hungry.


shang palace dimsum plus



I just had a big buffet dinner at Heat last night. And you know how severely constipated I am. 3 days worth of food is still in my stomach. (Please God, make me poo, make me poo…)

But no worries, today is a new day and I am gonna conquer it with a vengeance. Shang Palace’s Dimsum Plus Buffet, I mean.

Go, Tanders, order away!


IMG_7914Tofu Appetizer


shang palace BBQ porkHoney Glazed Barbecue Pork – could be more tender but already not bad for Manila standards


shang palace hot and sour soupHot and Sour Soup (photo stolen from Dexter, soup stolen by Dexter)


shang palace taro puffDeep Fried Taro Puffs with Dried Scallop – quite good


shang palace shrimp rollDeep Fried Seafoods with Mango and Salad Sauce Wrapped in Rice Paper – fried to a crunch, but taste-wise, this doesn’t really do anything for me


IMG_7954Want some Deep Fried Ham Shui Kok Stuffed with Minced Pork and Chicken?
(That’s Tanders in little girl form)


shang palace baked bbq pork puffBaked Barbecued Pork Pie with Apple – just ok


shang palace shrimp dumplingSteamed Giant Shrimp Crystal Skin Dumpling – the shrimp is succulent and the skin is soft


IMG_7925Spinach Dumplings Stuffed with Shrimps – Whoa!!! Easy on the nuclear food coloring!


shang palace beef ballSteamed Beef Balls with Seasonal Vegetable – needs more flavor


shang palace siomaiSteamed Pork Dumplings Filled with Shrimp and Chinaman Dexter
(Please, put down your feet and put on your shoes, will ya?)
The siomai is packed with meat which makes it a bit hard.


shang palace xiao long baoSteamed Shanghai Xiao Long Bao – skin is thick, filling is hard and soup is nonexistent.
A complete disaster.


IMG_7967Steamed Rice Rolls Filled with Diced Honey Glazed Pork – tastes pretty good. Now if only the pork pieces were more tender.


shang palace chicken feetSteamed Chicken Feet with Black Bean Sauce – I usually love sucking on these things but Shang Palace’s version doesn’t make me wanna.


IMG_7932Sophie taking a picture of me taking a picture of her. So serious!


Each person gets to pick 1 main course.

IMG_7938Stir Fried Beef Tenderloin Cubes with Black Pepper Sauce – the beef is really soft it’s like chewing on marshmallows.


IMG_7936Sautéed Scallops with Broccoli in XO Sauce


IMG_7943Hot Prawn Salad – delicious


IMG_7951Steamed Lapu-Lapu Fillet with Garlic Sauce – overcooked


e-fu noodlesStir Fried Noodles “Fujian” Style (photo stolen from Dexter, noodles eaten by Sophie)


IMG_7924Tanders and Poached Wanton Noodles Soup in Superior Stock
(He didn’t share)


IMG_7973Chilled Almond Jelly with Mixed Fruits


IMG_7974Sweetened Almond Cream with Glutinous Dumpling – love the sweet cream, forget the dumpling


IMG_7979Chilled Mango Puree with Sago and Diced Mango – sweet and refreshing


IMG_7977Sophie: NOOOO!!!!!! I don’t want to give back Auntie Jin’s Sesame Balls with Lotus Paste!


I still think Li Li at Hyatt has the best dimsum buffet. Less choices but more quality dishes.

But I ain’t complaining. When it’s a free meal, everything tastes better. Thank you, Tanders and Chiz, for a wonderful lunch! Smile


IMG_7955Sophie, Chiz, Tanders, Me and Chinaman Dexter


Shang Palace: Makati Shangri-La, Level 2, Ayala Avenue corner Makati Avenue, Makati City, Philippines. Tel: +632-840-0884

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