Monday, February 7, 2011

jin loves to eat at home, January 24–February 6, 2011


And this is why I never liked playing computer games (well, except for Mario Brothers and Tetris on Family Computer back in the 80’s).

They are all BS!


IMG_0796Can you imagine, I’m overweight daw! BS!


IMG_0802A “Balance Test” to find out my Wii Fit Age… BS!


IMG_0800WTF?!?!?! BS! BS! BS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Seriously, I think it’s all the dragon fruit I’ve been eating.


January 29, 11:44am

IMG_7097Beef ribs stew, mustard greens, rice


IMG_7101Apple, pear, guava, dragon fruit, pomelo, orange


IMG_7102Ube tikoy


January 24-29 – Eating Chiang Mai


January 30, 11:12am

IMG_7196Big oranges, small oranges, dragon fruit, pomelo, guava, apple, pear


February 1, 2:03pm

IMG_7486Braised pork knuckle, black mushrooms, baked oysters, bangus, gai lan vegetable

IMG_7488Small oranges, big orange, apple, pear, pomelo, dragon fruit

IMG_7490Buko lychee jelly salad


February 2, 10:24am

IMG_7491Pomelo, dragon fruit, pear, apple


February 3, 12:40pm

IMG_7626Chicken adobo, snap peas, Chinese cabbage, fish fillet in mushroom cream

IMG_7627Orange, pomelo, banana, pear, apple


February 4, 12:17pm

IMG_7771Kumquats, pear, dragon fruit, persimmon, banana


February 5, 9:18am

IMG_7907Banana, pomelo, pear, dragon fruit, persimmon


February 6, 1:04pm

IMG_7981Sweet and sour fried fish, assorted mushrooms, mustard greens

IMG_7982Dragon fruit, persimmon, pear, apple, pomelo

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