Friday, February 11, 2011

MK Restaurant at CentralPlaza Chiang Mai Airport ♥


The restless pair wants to walk around and shop. The lazy pair wants to lie down and get a massage. (Take a wild guess which pair I belong to.)

Two hours of bliss for THB400. Aaaahhhh… I keep moaning in pleasure while Uncle RC keeps snoring in pleasure. (Really, ask your therapist!)

The Thai massage is so relaxing we would have gone for another round except it is time for more important things.

And the two pairs agree on what is most important.

It is to nourish the body…


MK Restaurant roast duckwith Roast Duck that is tender, fatty and flavorful


MK Restaurant wonton pork soupwith Shrimp Wonton and Red Pork that is light yet tasty


MK Restaurant hotpotand with healthy and steaming Hot Pot
(Okay, these are actually the vegetables we put in the pot. Forgot to take a photo of the pot)


MK restaurant beef hotpotBeef is crazy tough. Such a challenge to chew!


MK Restaurant green tea noodlesGreen Tea Noodles are good and springy. I especially love the garlicky bits.


MK Restaurant hotpot sauceSpices and sauces. Hello, Thailand!


After our healthy dinner, we go to the food court for some sweets.

thai mangoI want Sticky Rice with Mango, but sticky rice is out (boo!)


thailand mangoSo this is my Sticky Rice with Mango Without Sticky Rice.
The mangoes, unfortunately, are not sweet at all…


banana in syrupwhile the Bananas in Syrup are sickeningly so.


banana sticky riceThank God for this delicious Banana Sticky Rice.
Now all I need is a big bowl of coconut cream.


MK Restaurant: 4/F CentralPlaza Chiang Mai Airport, Chiang Mai, Thailand.
Tel: +66(0)53-203934

CentralPlaza Chiang Mai Airport: 2 Mahidol Road, Muang, Chiang Mai, Thailand.
Tel: +66(0)5399-9199

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