Friday, February 11, 2011

Banana Roti and Anusarn Market ♥ ♥


Trust me, guys, next time you come to Chiang Mai, stay at Le Meridien.


chiang mai night bazaarAll the bargain shopping, hustle and bustle (and McDonald’s and Starbucks and
Haagen Dazs, too!) are just outside your hotel door


banana rotiAnd you also have, as this food cart claims, the “Best Roti in Chiang Mai”


banana rotiI can’t possibly let The Best pass me by. The Best Food, The Best Man, The Best Banana Roti… I GOTTA HAVE IT ALL!!!


banana roti with chocolateCome on baby, load my roti up with chocolate from Hershey


banana roti with chocolateVery delicious but I wouldn’t say it’s the very best. If the bananas were caramelized and topped with a whole jar of Nutella, scoops of peanut butter ice cream, whipped cream and showered generously with hazelnuts and almonds, then THAT, I tell you, is the best banana roti in the whole wide world. Nonetheless, this simple but honest banana roti is really good food street stuff.


anusarn market chiang mai5-minute enjoyable walk away is the Anusarn Food and Walking Street Market


anusarn market chiang maiFruits, nuts, fresh fruit juices


anusarn market chiang maiWood products, trinkets, clothes


anusarn market chiang maiT-shirts and fisherman’s pants


anusarn market magazine peddlerMagazine peddler. How cool is that?


There are many, many more interesting things to see. Seafood restaurants, Thai massages, more roti stands… Too bad my camera died down on me.

Night markets and bazaars can be crowded, noisy and rowdy, but worry not…


anusarn market chiang mai policeBecause Top Guardian is here!


Anusarn Market: Chang Khlan Road, Chiang Mai, Thailand

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