Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Wat Srisuphan and The Silver Ordination Hall ♥ ♥


wat srisuphan chiang maiThis is Wat Srisuphan


wat srisuphan chiang maiIt has nice red and gold ceiling works inside


wat srisuphan chiang maiAnd a very intense adult shaolin taking photos of the interiors


BUT we have come here not for this, but for the Ordination Hall.


wat srisuphan chiang mai silver ordination hallIT’S SILVERRRRR


wat srisuphan chiang mai silver ordination hallBuilt over 500 years ago, this 5-meter wide and 17.5-meter long structure in pure Lanna architecture will be the first ever silver ordination hall in the whole wide world.


wat srisuphan chiang mai silver ordination hallIt is still a work in progress. The whole building will be decorated in
pure silver, compound silver, and aluminum.


IMG_6572Check out the floor carvings. This will be covered in silver, too.


IMG_6565Aluminum coin pots


wat srisuphan chiang mai silver ordination hallIntricate details


IMG_6576Unfinished silver business


IMG_6585Each piece is handmade by experienced silverware crafters






Too bad females are not allowed in the hall.


IMG_6581So I just wait outside and admire this pretty silver sign.


Wat Srisuphan: 100 Wualai Road, Muang, Chiang Mai, Thailand.
Tel: +66 (0)53-200332, +66 (0)84-0421254

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