Wednesday, February 23, 2011

jin loves to eat at home, February 14-20, 2011


Look what I found in the fridge during one of my midnight raids.

IMG_8451“Jamie’s cake. Don’t finish, jinlovestoeat.”


Ahhh… Sisterly love.


February 14, 12:54pm

IMG_8418Milkfish belly with garlic, Chinese cabbage with XO sauce, mustard greens, rice

IMG_8422Pomelo, orange, dragon fruit


February 14, 8:51pm

IMG_8429Barley drink. Yes, this is my Valentines dinner. SHUT. UP.

IMG_8436Brownie a la Mode. Thank you, Monica! Smile


February 15, 12:39pm

IMG_8431Steamed lapu-lapu, Chinese cabbage with XO sauce, radish, broccoli, rice

IMG_8433Banana, dragon fruit, pomelo, orange


February 16, 12:48pm

IMG_8454Steamed lapu-lapu, mushrooms, ampalaya, pork with pickled vegetables, rice

IMG_8455Orange, dragon fruit, cantaloupe, pear, banana, pomelo

IMG_8457Fresh watermelon juice


February 17, 10:02am

IMG_8464Glutinous rice ball with peanut filling. Thank you, Auntie Vicky! Smile

IMG_8458Dragon fruit, pear, persimmon, pomelo, orange

IMG_8460Fresh OJ


February 18, 10:07am

IMG_8497Orange, guava, apple, pear, cherries, persimmon, dragon fruit


February 19, 9:58am

IMG_8543Pork chop, pork and beans, crabsticks, Chinese cabbage, assorted mushrooms, rice

IMG_8544Orange, cherries, star apple, persimmon, guava, pear, dragon fruit


February 20, 12:47pm

IMG_8575Braised pork knuckles and mushrooms, Chinese pechay, rice

IMG_8577Orange, pomelo, persimmon, pear, guava, dragon fruit

IMG_8578Fresh OJ


I end up eating half of the cheesecake.

IMG_8495Anyway, she said “Don’t finish,” not “Don’t eat.” Smile with tongue out

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